New South Wales-Queensland border bubble threatened

The New South Wales-Queensland border bubble could burst in just a week after its resurrection, with COVID-19 cases infected in several communities in northern New South Wales for two days. Became clear.

On Monday night, a local health district in northern New South Wales was confirmed to be virus-positive on Monday, confirming that the numbers announced on Tuesday officially included the infection.

The non-local incident flew from Sydney to Ballina on Saturday morning on Virgin Flight VA 1141 and was infectious in the Byron, Ballina and Tweed areas until a positive test result on Monday.

All passengers and crew on board the flight are contacted by NSW Health and must be tested and quarantined.

Further contact tracing is currently underway.

The blockage was almost certain in the area, and after the case was diagnosed, a stay-at-home order was reinstated in several other New South Wales rural towns.

On Monday, Cowra, a town in western New South Wales, was forcibly blocked when a 9-year-old schoolboy was tested positive for the virus.

Following the municipalities of Albury, Lismore, Glen Innes and Hilltops.

However, there are concerns that travel conditions may return to the most stringent conditions due to the visit of infectious COVID-19 cases in some areas within the Queensland border bubble.

LGA students and essential workers will be able to travel to Queensland from September 13th, with an arrangement negotiated between the Queensland and New South Wales governments after a few weeks of sparring. I did.

This is because New South Wales reported less than 1000 new infections for the first time in almost a month.

Approximately 935 new local COVID-19 cases were recorded between 24 hours and 8 pm Sunday, with 4 deaths (2 in their 60s and 2 in their 80s) in what is now New South Wales. The number of victims of the outbreak was 245.

This was the lowest number of infections per day since August 27, when the number last fell below 1000, but Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian begged New South Wales residents to stay vigilant.

“Even if the number of cases decreases, we should unfortunately expect more people in the intensive care unit and more people to die,” Beregikrian told reporters Monday.

“There have been many cases in the last few weeks … people usually get very sick in the second week of illness.

“I don’t want any of us to sit down and think that the worst is behind us. Unfortunately, too many families take their loved ones to the hospital or worse. Will be. “

New South Wales-Queensland border bubble threatened

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