New South Wales Latest COVID-19: In Numbers

Outbreak of COVID-19 in New South Wales

* New cases acquired locally: 332 (13 cases decreased in the last 24 hours)

* New cases acquired overseas: 1

* Total number of pandemics: 73,023

* In hospital: 469 (-13)

* Intensive care unit: 123 (-2)

* Death from current outbreak: 492 (+2)

* Total pandemic deaths: 550

* Processed test (report period of 24 hours or more): 67,336

* Total vaccinations given (as of Thursday): 11,993,468

* Vaccination coverage (16+ as of Thursday): 92.8% have been vaccinated at least once and 83.7% have been fully vaccinated.

* Vaccination coverage (12-15 years old as of Thursday): 77.11% are first vaccinated and 46.08% are fully vaccinated.

* Borders: Residents of Greater Sydney are not allowed to visit the region’s New South Wales and are not free to enter other Australian states or territories without essential activity. .. Border restrictions on residents of New South Wales vary from place to place.

New South Wales Latest COVID-19: In Numbers

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