New “Snow Fake” for singles

Relationship experts have named it a “snow fake”.

Apparently it finds that Bridget Jones found her one big love destined to be a bottle of wine, she was fat and died alone, and three weeks later was half eaten by a wild dog. I was thinking when I was there.

Or she was trying to transform into Glenn Close in a dangerous attraction.

However, with the exception of soap opera, this phrase describes the act of pretending to have a romantic interest in order to avoid being cross-examined about the life of one’s love by relatives and acquaintances who love Christmas. Is used for.

According to a survey of more than 2000 Australian adults commissioned by the harmonization of dating platforms, one in five singles are considering at least a trick.

The holiday season increases the pressure that many unattached people feel caught and guides them to create the presence of important others.

Leading the trend, an estimated 19% of Australian singles admit that they hesitated to put themselves there because they felt it was too long after dating.

About 13% of singles who conducted polls said they routinely dodge questions about the status of their relationship during Christmas lunch or supper.

The questions that bother them most include “Do you already have a partner?” (19 percent) And “Do you think your standards are too high?” (14 percent).

Twice as many men (10%) as women (5%) are resentful when asked if they are single for a long time.

The concept of a ticking couple clock also seems to be driving snow forgery among older Australians with questions such as “Is it a little too late to find someone?” Over 35 years old.

But for some, uretide may, thankfully, be the perfect starting point for the loving 2022.

Psychologist and harmony expert Sharon Draper says singles shouldn’t be too discouraged given the pressure associated with navigating festive gatherings.

“I understand why singles feel they have to forge snow, but Christmas could be the best time to slow down and reflect on the year,” she said.

Approximately 58% of Australians surveyed say that spending time with family and friends gives them confidence and brings that guarantee to the New Year.

Still, preparation is key to those who are still afraid of holiday inquests regarding their bachelorhood.

“Know how you respond and be confident in the fact that at the right time that person will find your way into your life,” said Dr. Draper.

Singles can change that by distracting joking and annoying conversations, showing lack of anxiety, or answering block questions like “Why do you ask?”

Or claim boundaries by saying that you are reluctant to talk about a topic, or that you simply hear, ignore, pretend to be, or that someone else has left with interest. You can also.

New “Snow Fake” for singles

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