New snap of Prince George’s birthday


The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess have released new photos to commemorate their eldest son, Prince George’s eighth birthday.

In the photo, George, who turns eight on Thursday, wears a striped navy and orange polo shirt, shorts and a bright smile.

This shot was taken by a proud mother. Kate Middleton has built a tradition of sharing her photos to commemorate the birthdays of her three children.

The snap was taken in Norfolk in early July. With a clear nod to his recently deceased great-grandfather, the third succession to the British throne sits on Land Rover Defender. It was the vehicle of choice for the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip. The casket was carried in a customized version of the vehicle At his funeral in April.

Casual wear in Prince George’s birthday photo is a striking change from his last public place.

He attended the Euro 2020 semi-finals and finals in Wembley in early July, wearing suits and ties.Young George pleases the crowd with his emotions during the game, hugs his parents with a victory, and then Completely dissatisfied with the defeat of England’s Death Knock Final..

Prince George with Prince William and Princess Charlotte at the Sandringham Half Marathon. Photo: AAP

In June, he helped start the Father’s Day half marathon at Queen’s Sandringham Estate with his sister Princess Charlotte and his father Prince William.

But in general, Cambridge children have received little public attention in recent months. Last year, Kate revealed a bit about how her family adapted to life in quarantine and homeschooling.

“”[Youngest son] Louis does not understand social distance. He goes out hoping to hug something, especially a baby younger than him, “she told the BBC.

“My kids [also] There is a bottomless hole. It feels like a constant feeder. “

New snap of Prince George’s birthday

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