New North Fremantle Apartment Block Plan

He said the land west of Blacks Street, about half of the proposed development area, should be converted to a coastal reserve due to the risk of erosion.


“It’s a beach in a major area that’s already under a lot of pressure, and it’s already difficult to build a park there,” Gamblin said.

“We need more space for the community and reserves to withstand erosion.”

About two years ago, the City of Fremantle approved the pursuit of a controlled withdrawal strategy, a process that keeps assets away from dangers such as coastal erosion, to find out what this would be like. Work is in progress.

The city is spending time preparing the plan. This winter, 150,000 cubic meters of sand will be dumped offshore to Port Beach to counteract the effects of erosion at a cost of more than $ 3 million.

Fremantle Council officials are concerned that the recent planning committee agenda to review new development proposals may not address the need for spare space for environmental and recreational purposes. wrote.

Port Beach in North Fremantlecredit:Loren Pilate

“The need to improve Port Beach facilities to relieve pressure from Leighton Beach and meet the overall increase in demand for beach use as the population grows has been demonstrated,” they said. ..

“Because the effects of coastal disasters are already apparent in this area, the preliminary plan includes additional land to further retract the dune system and dunes for new recreational facilities that are safe from erosion and inundation for over 100 years. You need to provide the land behind. Planning period. “

Developers are pushing for immediate urban rezoning, but at this month’s Fremantle Planning Committee meeting, several councilors weren’t opposed to future development, but still need to make a decision. He said he felt that there were broader planning outcomes for the region.


This includes whether the coastal Port Beach Road has been removed and the direction of the Future of Fremantle Planning Committee, a group established by the Government of Western Australia to develop a vision for the redevelopment of a 264-hectare inner port. included. land.

Fremantle Mayor Hannah Fitzhardinge said it was ridiculous to do something rather than move in the direction of postponing the city.

“Because this is our one-shot to solve some of these very big and challenging problems for North Fremantle,” she said.


“The study area contains this part of the land. It is absolutely necessary to do that. Everyone knows that if this work is not done properly, the development of port land will fail. I think.

“I can’t say I want to get involved in the job, but now I’m supporting zoning in this city. I can’t. It doesn’t make sense.”

Fremantle councilor Andrew Sullivan said councilor needs to make sure that the beach is still there for the inhabitants 100 years later.

The developer’s representative said at the same meeting that he did not think the city’s postponed status was necessary, but thanked the general support for transforming the land from industrial to urban.

The Fremantle Planning Commission recommended that the entire council instruct the Western Australia Planning Commission to zone the land to the city.

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New North Fremantle Apartment Block Plan

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