New individual investors digitize

The popularity of private investment continues to grow, with more than 1.43 million unique individuals participating in online transactions as interest in cryptocurrencies grows.

Latest Investment Trends According to the 20211H Australia Online Investment Report, the number of online investors increased by 35% year-on-year by May 2021, almost double the pre-pandemic level.

Earlier this year, when the blockade was eased, 148,000 new online investors made their first deals, compared to the high 170,000 figures in the second half of 2020.

“The pandemic changed Australia’s investment climate through 2020, which lasted until the first half of 2021,” said Irene Guiamatsia, head of investment trends research.

“The outlook is that the number of active personal online investors, those who bought and sold securities in the 12 months, has almost doubled from 750,000 to 1.43 million compared to pre-pandemic levels. “

Interest in cryptocurrencies has continued to grow over the past six months, with 13% of online investors owning cryptocurrencies (up from 8%). An additional 10% will start investing within the next year.

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New individual investors digitize

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