New 2022 Mercedes EQS SUV Spy

Mercedes-Benz will announce the new EQS SUV next year. This is an all-electric replacement for luxury SUVs such as the BMW X7 and Range Rover, which are the latest spy shots.

This newly spy prototype dropped a cladding under the camouflage wrap to get a better view of the car’s line. Like the Mercedes EQS sedan, the SUV has a very clean surface and wrinkles on the door and bonnet are minimized. Probably from an aerodynamic point of view.

In advance, the EQS SUV shares the same blank black grille and C-shaped bumper intake as the saloon. The headlamps have a similar triangular shape, but are magnified to match the more bulbous styling of the car.

Also, like the sedan, the Mercedes EQS SUV has a cab-forward styling. Since there are no engines and gearboxes that consume space inside the chassis, brand engineers pushed the windshield toward the front wheels to increase internal space compared to gasoline- and diesel-powered GLS SUVs.

The rear end of the EQS looks a bit different compared to the GLS. Stretched by a cab-forward design, the contours of the car look like real estate.However, this should free up a little more foot space for backseat passengers and maximize trunk space.

Gorden Wagener, Mercedes Design Chief, recently discussed with Automotive Daily about EQS and future EQE SUV design briefs, saying: They will be a new type of SUV as they will have a more seamless, more integrated, more aerodynamic and more futuristic look. “

Our Spy also provides a decent look inside the new SUV, which appears to be set to receive the same 55.5-inch hyperscreen infotainment system as the EQS sedan. The system consists of a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 17.7-inch central touchscreen, hidden under cladding, and is expected to have a third 12.3-inch unit for passengers.

Mercedes confirmed at a recent electrification conference that a more luxurious Maybach version of the EQS SUV is planned for release.

Britta Seeger, Head of Marketing and Sales at Mercedes, said: “Next year, we will be announcing SUV versions of EQE and EQS. All of these cars offer top-notch comfort and impressive dynamics in the high range.

“And we can promise to keep this momentum going forward. What applies to the Mercedes portfolio also applies to our incredibly powerful sub-brands. We want to use electricity. So, for example, you can look forward to the best EQS SUV version of Mercedes-Maybach. “

EQS SUVs should also employ Mercedes Level 3 autonomous driving technology. This allows you to drive at speeds of up to 60 km / h with limited driver surveillance when there is light traffic on the freeway.

New 2022 Mercedes EQS SUV: Powertrain and Platform

Mercedes has not yet confirmed the technical details of the EQS SUV, but expects it to be based on the same EVA2 foundation as the saloon. Therefore, it must be provided using a similar range of battery packs and electric motors.

The EQS saloon is available in 90kWh or 107.8kWh battery packs, with the larger battery pack having a maximum range of 770 kilometers. A small aerodynamic shape of an SUV is expected to cause dents in the figure, but it may be possible to achieve a range of at least 650km.

Mercedes has confirmed the specifications of two powertrains for the EQS saloon called 450+ and 5804MATIC. The first has a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle, producing 245kW and 569Nm. The second is equipped with an electric motor on each axle, providing four-wheel drive and 385kW and 855Nm output.

However, Mercedes is working on a performance electric powertrain with an AMG badge to develop 560kW. The system first appeared on the EQS sedan, but if it is based on the same EVA foundation, it can be easily ported to the EQS SUV. Since Mercedes has already manufactured the 450kW AMG 63 version of GLS, there are certainly business cases of high performance versions of EQS SUV.

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New 2022 Mercedes EQS SUV Spy

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