Neighbors racist claims, nine cyberattack updates, etc.

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CrowdStrike helps Nine deal with cyber attacks

Nine It is reported that it used the global cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike to manage the fallout of last week’s attacks and help bring the system back online. AFRof Max Mason..

According to sources Australian Financial Review The California-based company CrowdStrike Incident Response (IR) Services team joined shortly on March 28, after it was revealed that Nine’s system had been hacked.

The CrowdStrike team is believed to be primarily working remotely and has helped Nine deal with ransomware attacks, but with no ransom demands. The main focus of Nine and CrowdStrike’s IR team is to restore all of Nine’s systems so that hackers don’t have any other access points to return to.

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Regional competition creates new growth for outdoor media

Unexpected competition into the region, which has spurred the Covid-19 pandemic, has helped the region’s out-of-home advertising company Total Outdoor Media (TOM) grow. The company is spending $ 4 million to secure more signage sites in the Victorian region. AFRof Miranda Ward..

Former oOh of large format development! Operated by Media Head Ged Heart Supported by Rich Lister Michael Baxton, TOM secures 5 digital screens of Geelong, Traralgon, Ballarat, Wangaratta, Cobram, Mildura, Sealake, Mo and 13 classic supersite displays of existing signs in Shepparton, Hosham, Hamilton, Ovos and Warrnambool. Added to location.

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TV set

Today, producer Tom Nicole has abolished the curfew after allegations of sexual assault.

Nine Network Producer today The court said the show, which allegedly raped a woman after spending the night in town, needs to revoke the curfew of a court order so that he can “maintain his life.” I heard, News Corporation reports Heath Sparks-Hapton..

Tom Nicole He appeared in the Waverley District Court in Sydney on Tuesday and changed his bail to allow him to leave Bondi’s home after 8 pm. In return, I called the police and was tested for drugs and alcohol.

Nicole, todayA former director-producer released on bail in February was said to be facing returning to detention if he failed to test for alcohol and illicit drugs.

His lawyer failed in an attempt to regain access to his social media account, Penny Musgrave, They claimed to have essential information in his case.

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Neighbors actors Meyne Wyatt and Shareena Clanton allege racist cases as a set

two neighbor Stars reveal the shocking racist incident they experienced on the set of iconic Channel 10 shows, stating that the industry needs to be “better.” Bella Fowler..

Main WyattPlaying Natekinsky from 2014 to 2016, he said in a Twitter thread that he experienced racism on the set. “It contained the word C, I called it, and it never happened around me,” he said, but he added that he walked up to it.

His post on Tuesday night came later Shareena ClantonGuest appearance in upcoming episodes, she said she endured “multiple racist traumas” neighborIncludes “N-word”, which has been used several times by other actors.

“I was disappointed to hear that racism continued to exist in the workplace five years later, but it wasn’t surprising at all,” Wyatt said. “But we can say we are in Australia.” Added.

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Neighbors actors gather behind Shareena Clanton and Meyne Wyatt’s racist claims

neighbor And Wentworth The stars gathered behind the actor Shareena Clanton And Main WyattThe explosive allegations of racist and homophobic cases on Ramsay Street set are reported by News Corporation Nuitekoha..

Sharon JoharPlayed Dipi Rebecchi in Channel 10 Soap, posted three heart emojis on Clanton and Wyatt’s Instagram page.

Zoe TerraquesCo-starred with Clanton in the Foxtel drama Wentworth, Instagram states: Amazing, powerful and courageous you. This industry is very lucky. I love you. “

Actor Belinda BromilloWith TV credits, including Doctor Doctor And Packed in the Rafters, Wyatt’s Instagram page states: You shouldn’t do this. I promise to do better. “

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Neighbors racist claims, nine cyberattack updates, etc.

Source link Neighbors racist claims, nine cyberattack updates, etc.

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