Need to bring JobKeeper back?

More than half of Australians are now blocked, and the economic scars of this crisis are beginning to emerge.

Economists are discussing how big the impact on economic production and employment in the September quarter will be, and in fact, if the blockade continues into the December quarter, it is appropriate to pull out the dreaded “R” again. ..

As more workers get stuck, they face a very different support environment than last year. The federal JobKeeper program has been discontinued.

Currently, support is provided in a two-tier system, the state government will step up support for companies that do not agree to headcount reductions, and individuals who lose their jobs will receive disaster relief directly through Centrelink.

But is that enough?

Today, in Please Explain, economics editor Ross Gittins joins Jessica Irvine to discuss the adequacy of helping people whose income has been affected by COVID-19.

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Need to bring JobKeeper back?

Source link Need to bring JobKeeper back?

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