Mother cleaned her son’s house before the corpse was found

After the mother cleaned her son’s apartment in Sydney, dumped garbage, cleaned the dishes and left food, the stench and flies found a rotten body in the bathroom.

She believed that the body being dismantled and disassembled was her son, Khan Suan Fam, who had repeatedly said that someone wanted to kill him.

She was later the body of Golan Stefanovich and learned that her son had stabbed him and died.

Fam, 40, pleaded not guilty to Stefanovich’s murder in January 2019 in a New South Wales Supreme Court trial on Tuesday.

Fam acknowledged Stefanovich’s murder, but the crown did not accept his plea for manslaughter.

Tihon Fam made a terrifying discovery on January 12, 2019 in his son’s bed in Sadleir, southwest Sydney.

Through a Vietnamese interpreter, she usually visited her son on Saturday, brought food and told the court that she offered to clean a sloppy apartment.

In the weeks leading up to the murder, she said she noticed that he had changed and became delusional.

He told her he was dying of a brain tumor that had spread to his feet and feet. She didn’t believe it and accused him of using the drug.

He also claimed that someone wanted to kill him and was afraid that his neighbor would go through the walls of his kitchen to kill him.

At another time, Fam dragged her mother into the apartment as soon as she arrived and said, “Mom, come in really early before someone kills you.”

Fam wasn’t at home when her mother arrived on January 12, so she left herself to clean up.

She said there were many flies in the apartment.

As I was preparing for my departure, I noticed that the stench was increasing and I wasn’t cleaning the bathroom.

“I started getting goosebumps on my arms,” ​​she said.

She thrust her head into the bathroom door and saw her two legs.

“The only thing I thought at the time was that it was my son,” she said. She only realized that it wasn’t him when he called her later that day after the police had already arrived at the apartment.

The parties agree that Fam and Stephanovich knew each other for several weeks at the time of the January 8 murder.

Stephanovich came to Fam’s house that day after sending him a message to plan an ice purchase.

Stephanovich was talking on the phone before Fam picked up the knife and stabbed his back.

The parties agree that he did not do or say anything that threatened Fam.

The victim shouted, “What did you do?” Before running out of the front door. Fam chased him and stabbed his heart, chest, and back.

At some point, Fam dismantled and left it in the unit’s shower.

The defense alleged that Fam was affected by the drug and thought that Mr Stefanovich was trying to kill him.

After Fam was arrested on January 13, the court was shown a police interview with Fam.

“I’m good at reading people and reading body language … it’s hard to lie to me,” Fam told investigators.

“He was trying to kill me, so I killed him.”

Fam’s girlfriend, Kate Lloyd, is in jail after pleading guilty to accessories last May after the fact of the murder.

She helped Fam pull the body back into the apartment and used Stefanovich’s car with Fam until the two were arrested.

The trial continues on Wednesday.

Mother cleaned her son’s house before the corpse was found

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