Most of the English players are terribly ill, which is not surprising.England

EThe ngland players rode on the top of the waves throughout the summer to advance to the finals of the European Championship, Those missed penalties.. Physical exercise in non-stop football for a year is very difficult to recover, but mental fatigue becomes even more difficult, especially if it ends in disappointment.

I’ve played nine consecutive summer tournaments and didn’t feel myself until the women’s match was a break until the end of Christmas, but men don’t have the opportunity this winter. Most English players started running in the Premier League because they struggled to handle the disappointment of missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a major homeground tournament. Toll.

The body is amazing-it can recover from anything-but the mind can take time. During the club season, players are chosen to build themselves to play well for international recognition and to spend tournaments that pass the highs and lows that football brings. People would say: “They earn £ 250,000 a week.” But that doesn’t undermine the fact that you want to play for your country and win international trophies. .. You can’t buy it with world money – you can’t spend your wages on the winner’s medal.

After the tournament, players may have missed the full pre-season and will not be able to keep up with the start of the campaign. It’s hard to catch up when you start a season when you’re not strong enough. It’s not surprising that the club wants the best players on the pitch, but it may be worth rethinking the breaks that players are offered to help them and the team in the long run.

Looking at the Women’s Super League Arsenal, there is a great example of a player who had the opportunity to rest mentally and was able to return stronger. Bethmead missed the British Olympic team, Vibrant and confident back, Score and create 4 goals in 8 games.Kim Little also looks back on her best Retired from international football Vivian Miedema was rested by the Netherlands and Arsenal this season to give her the necessary breaks, and to ensure she wouldn’t burn out, and rewarded her decision with her performance.

Arsenal’s Vivian Midema (right) and Kim Little show the benefits of an additional break this season. Photo: John Walton / PA

Harry Kane had a turbulent summer, even before the euro, and was asked before, during, and after the tournament.The striker Eager to leave the Spurs But that never happened, he missed almost everything in the preseason and was greeted by the new coach of Nuno Espilito Santo. I have already gone.. At that time, Kane scored one league goal and looked far from his best. Breaks may be what he needs-even goals don’t help. You have to leave to build fitness and sharpness to refresh, but that can’t happen, so he has to rely on his teammates to dig deeper into him. He will be looking to summer for another break.

Kane may see Antonio Conte’s arrival as follows: A new start he needsBecause in Nuno, things floated in the air after trying to design a move in the summer. I don’t know how much he had a relationship with Nuno after the summer when he didn’t know if he would be a Tottenham player. He is in good condition with conte and stays there at least until summer.

At Manchester United, their England International couldn’t find a shape. Luke Shaw is poor, Harry Maguire has stopped boiling, and Marcus Rashford is suffering from an injury. Jadon Sancho took a mental break, a wise move for players who endured the end of such a tough match, by missing a shootout, which may not have helped him physically. Maybe.

Manchester City's Kyle Walker (left) is one of the few well-shaped English players, but Jadon Sancho (right), who was dropped by Gareth Southgate, is having a hard time.
Manchester City’s Kyle Walker (left) is one of the few well-shaped English players, but Jadon Sancho (right), who was dropped by Gareth Southgate, is having a hard time. Photo: Peter Powell / EPA

During the euro, the winger wasn’t very featured, so the one-month break between the tournament and the start at the new club wasn’t physically ideal for players running out of game time. .. It could have had a detrimental effect on his health and it is unwise to arrive when you haven’t reached your physical peak after a big buck to make an impact in Old Trafford. Let him fight. It proves that there are subtle boundaries when it comes to getting players to the optimum level.

The situation was similar after losing to Croatia in the 2016 World Cup semifinals. Few players rebounded from the disappointment of the next season, and some took 18 months to return to normal. Declan Rice hasn’t played in these England games due to illness, but has continued from where he left off. Kyle Walker is in good shape, but it’s hard to find another English regular from the shining summer in the Premier League.

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However, taking part in another international break may help the group as they are all trying to kick start the season on the same boat. It takes you to a beloved safe environment, they know you, and it puts a little protective arm around you. Time away from the daily routine of club soccer can be helpful. If things went wrong in the league, I often used the English call to cheer myself up.

Feeling mentally tired makes you feel like you’re pulling a bus or train. Sometimes life is hard enough without that feeling, so sometimes the best solution is the simplest: rest.

Most of the English players are terribly ill, which is not surprising.England

Source link Most of the English players are terribly ill, which is not surprising.England

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