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Morrison “Finally” Reveals Net Zero 2050 Plan

Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell announces a net zero-emission climate change target after months of discussion, a two-week split, a fight to narrow the party room of the National Party, and years of climate war. ..

“Australian Way, he called it the prime minister. It’s a policy announced by the Labor Party a few months ago, but there’s a plan behind it,” Klenel said.

“The argument behind the’Australian way’is that we are achieving our goals, but not in other countries. “

“But Net Zero’s contribution, determined nationwide by 2050. PM claims to reduce power emissions by 97%, just as it has made progress on the iPhone and its technology, and the government All you have to do is make it possible.

“The Australian prime minister claims that he will make $ 2,000 a year for the goals set by Scott Morrison.

“We revealed that people showed polling showing 80% support for NetZero until they were told it would cost more than $ 500 a year, after which it fell.

“The government has set the cost of achieving Net Zero at $ 20 billion. It has already been committed through existing programs.

“Of course, the Nationals cabinet also needed additional seats. Kieran asks how reliable this is when Deputy Prime Minister and Kuomintang leader Barnaby Joyce isn’t attending the announcement.

“So politically, what is the Prime Minister trying to do here? He says we have a plan, other mobs have no plans. We have you Will not be taxed on, other lots will be taxed.

“I knew this announcement was coming. I thought one of the most interesting parts of the press conference was basically the Prime Minister confirming that he would run for the May elections next year. As in 2019. In addition, he wants to budget first. “

Morrison “Finally” Reveals Net Zero 2050 Plan

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