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Morning Email: Meg Leeds Joins Climate 200, Channel Tragedy Survey, Fame Anxiety | Australian News

NSMorning mood. Former Australian Democratic leaders have joined Climate 200 to help independent candidates take on the role of Liberal Parliamentarians. It was confirmed that 27 people were drowned after trying to cross the strait. And Midnight Oil announced early next year that its resist tour would be the last.

When Scott Morrison comes to the end of the irregular parliamentary week, an organization that raises independence to challenge liberal incumbents in their city center Collected over $ 4 million in election war treasure chests In less than four months, we strengthened our advisory board. Former Liberal Party leader Meg Leeds has joined the Advisory Board of Climate 200, as has former Liberal Party leader John Hewson and Labor veteran Barry Jones. Faced with challenges from independents backed by Climate 200, medium-sized metropolitan liberals have seen major policy debates over the past few months: climate change, religious discrimination, and a long-lagging federation. Increased their visibility during the integrity committee. On Thursday, former ABC reporter Zoe Daniel announced to liberal MP Tim Wilson that he would run independently in the Goldstein seat in Melbourne. She is backed by Voices of Goldstein, one of many campaigns under the “Voice Of” movement.

There was at least one pregnant woman and three children among the 27. Most of them were Kurds from Iraq or Iran, who drowned while trying to cross the waterway on an inflatable boat. French authorities said.. British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, Faced with three legal challenges About her controversial plan to push refugees back on a small boat in the straits about to reach Britain. Several charities, including Care4Calais and Channel Rescue, are involved in two related challenges that claim Patel’s plans are illegal under human rights and maritime law. Freedom from Torture is involved in the third challenge.Guardian has clearly A government lawyer warned Patel that she could lose her legal objection to the pushback policy.But Patel says it France stops refugees from crossing the strait In a small boat.

The Brisbane construction company had $ 8 in assets and had not started trading when it was given a contract with the government (eventually worth $ 1.6 billion). Perform Australian offshore processing in Nauru.. The contract was awarded after the government finally ordered a “financial strength assessment” to be done by another company. Eight years later, more than 100 asylum seekers and refugees are still being held on the island, and each inmate now costs more than $ 4.3 million annually and more than $ 350,000 per month.


New South Wales, Western Australia, and South Australia have stated that they will opt out of future revised National Construction Act provisions that require all new buildings to have basic accessibility features. Photo: demaerre / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Australians with disabilities Left behind in three major states Defenders with disabilities say after the government has not mandated minimum accessibility standards for new homes.

Indigenous elders, health agencies, and frontline workers in the Northern Territory’s Covid outbreak have blamed False information about public health measures on social media, The Northern Territory has accused false information about “a tin foil hat sitting in the basement of Florida’s parents and wearing a toss car.”

New South Wales law raises crimes against animal cruelty and the use of secretly recorded visions of cruelty “The burden of speech is too great”, Animal rights activists told the High Court.

On Friday, Midnight Oil announced a group concert The touring day ends early next year.. Tour promoters said Midnight Oil would use the final tour to call on the government to take urgent action to reduce carbon pollution.

Scott Morrison said gay teachers should not be dismissed from religious schools because of their sexuality, Add to him A long-standing but unfulfilled commitment To protect gay students from dropout.


Former Brazilian President Lula with supporters in Paris.
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and supporters of Paris. Photo: Christoph Petit Tesson / EPA

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Warmly welcomed by European leaders On his tour of the continent After years of fierceness for both, as part of a global effort to restore his reputation, and the reputation of his country. Lula is currently a strong candidate to dismiss Brazil’s incumbent president, right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro.

Google’s Irish subsidiary has agreed to pay € 218 million (£ 183 million). Refund tax to the Irish government, According to the company’s submission on Thursday. A US tech giant, who was accused of avoiding hundreds of millions of taxes across Europe through loopholes, said he “agreeed to resolve certain tax issues related to previous years.”

Apple said they are in Thai activists Target of “country-sponsored attackers”.. At least 17 people, including protest leaders, have been alerted that their device may be at risk.

HIV drug resistance On an upward trend, According to a new report that found that the number of people with the virus being treated with antiretroviral drugs has increased to 27.5 million, it is an increase of 2 million per year.

Recommended reading material

“If you come across Daniel Jones at the bus stop, your interaction with him turns into an encounter, and your friends ask what he was. For real favorite? ‘ Photo: Martin Philbey / Redferns

Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Jones was 15 when he became world-famous, and many of his hits were new. Who is Spotify Podcast Daniel Jones? It’s about the trauma that results from such intense and early fame. NS Brigitte Delaney writes, “Anxiety is a common thread that runs through five episodes of a podcast. But why not become famous and anxious?”

In Chelsea Watego’s new book, Another day of the colony, Watego’s essay, drawn from other great black thinkers, asserts the future based on self-determination, not inclusion and hope... “Some people may think that retiring hope for nihilism is irresponsible,” she writes. “But irresponsible is to require us to stay connected to life support systems that were thought to never be able to get off the blackbody.”

Despite Thatcher and Reagan’s best efforts, there was something like society, and it was always there. The question is not whether it exists, says Jill Le Paul, What shape should we take in the post-pandemic world?.. “This year, the world is beginning to reshape itself, and the future of society is in the past, as each of us is trying to get our direction, like many hermit crabs crawling along the dazzling sand. There may be. “

It is a “mystery that must be solved”.Seven and a half years after the Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared, 239 people boarded., News Director Mike Ticher I recommend this story I remember reporting the tragedy when the news was reported.


Defense Minister Peter Dutton said it was “unthinkable” that Australia would not participate in military action if the United States defended Taiwan amid heightened military tensions between Taiwan and China. Labor enthusiastically condemned the coalition prior to the next election.

Gabriel Jackson becomes Lenoir Taylor and Daniel Hurst Threat of war, And the issue of politicization of foreign policy.

Full text

Is Peter Dutton choosing to fight China?

The full story is Guardian Australia’s daily news podcast.Subscribe for free at Apple Podcasts, Spotify Or other podcasting apps.


Novak Djokovic has not yet confirmed whether he will play at the Australian Open in January.
Novak Djokovic has not yet confirmed whether he will play at the Australian Open in January. Photo: Alessand Rodi Marco / EPA

Australian Open director Craig Tiley has up to 95% of players Vaccinated Covid-19 in time for the January tournament However, despite winning the world’s record 21st Grand Slam title, it’s unclear if Novak Djokovic will be among them.

Australia 2027 Men’s Rugby World Cup After being listed by the Governing Body as a “priority candidate” for hosting global tournaments.

Media summary

Mask, QR code, vaccination certificate I don’t need it anymore At retail stores and restaurants from mid-December Sydney Morning Herald ReportAlthough the school closure will be a thing of the past from next week. Australia is facing a shortage of live music this summer. ABC report The pinnacle of the industry says concerts and festivals will not return in a “major way” until the end of next year.

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Australian barbecue culture is changing and high tech is Experts share their thoughts Ceramic grill, fire pit, Bluetooth thermometer.

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Morning Email: Meg Leeds Joins Climate 200, Channel Tragedy Survey, Fame Anxiety | Australian News

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