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More cases of Omicron were detected in NSW and ACT, bringing the total to 18 cases nationwide.

Sunday’s ACT recorded six new COVID-19 cases, confirming a second Omicron infection, a close contact with previously published cases.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the region is currently 110, 6 in hospitals and 2 in intensive care units.

To date, 18 cases of mascot have been detected in Australia, 15 in New South Wales, 1 in the Northern Territory and 2 in ACT.

Victoria, which recorded 980 new infections on Sunday, has yet to find an Omicron infection, despite managing more than 14,000 cases.

Queensland has not reported any new cases of coronavirus in the area, and six cases under quarantine were not considered a risk to the community, Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek said.

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New South Wales reported another death on Sunday. This is a man in the southeastern part of Sydney in his 60s.

He was completely vaccinated, but had underlying health and died at St. George’s Hospital.

One of the state’s new Omicon cases is a student at St. Peter’s Chanel Catholic Elementary School in Regent’s Park, believed to have had an Omicron infection at an indoor climbing gym in Villawood.

Anyone who attends the gym from 9am to 4:30 pm on November 27th last Saturday should be in close contact, immediately tested and quarantined.

In the third and fourth years, school students and teachers are in close contact and are required to be self-isolated.

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Despite concerns about an increase in Omicron infections, NSW Health states that none of the 15 confirmed cases at this stage were hospitalized.

Kelly Chant, chief health officer in New South Wales, said on Saturday that he was pleased to see the stabilization of cases in the region, but the increase in cases is beginning to be recorded in the metropolitan Sydney.

Most of the new coronavirus cases reported on Sunday occur in Sydney, of which 236 are in metropolitan health districts.

The number of hospitalized patients on Sunday was 148, an increase of 9 from the previous day, 26 in the intensive care unit and 5 on the ventilator.

The state’s vaccination rate was only 94.6% on Saturday, with 92.8% fully vaccinated.

NSW Regional Health Cash Splash

The new case arises when the Government of New South Wales announces that it will distribute nearly $ 100 million tagged for regional and local health services.

The funding package ensures support for frontline workers and is part of a record infrastructure investment for the Bush sector, says Prime Minister Dominique Perotet.

Three new initiatives are aimed at attracting more healthcare professionals beyond the state’s densely populated areas and helping rural and regional patients who need to travel to access care.

They include $ 45 million to provide new professional accommodation near medical facilities in the Murrumbidgee, Southern and Far West provincial districts.

Approximately $ 30 million will be used to attract and retain healthcare professionals, including new scholarships for young people.

An additional $ 23 million will facilitate access to care, including support for rural and regional patients who need to travel long distances, and new online tools for navigating regional services.

Perotet said the investment will help people in the bush get the best possible care.

Perotet says the investment will help people in the bush get the best possible care, regardless of where they live.

“Health challenges can be difficult enough without imposing a distance burden on the care plan, so we have secured an additional $ 23 million to address this,” he said in a statement on Sunday. Said in.

“The focus of the Government of New South Wales has always been to enable rural and local communities to gain a share of health improvement. This latest announcement is for $ 900 million from 2021 to 22. It is based on spending on local and rural health infrastructure. “

Deputy Prime Minister Paul Tour says that a key element of the boost will create the construction industry, as accommodations will be built for key workers in the region.

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More cases of Omicron were detected in NSW and ACT, bringing the total to 18 cases nationwide.

Source link More cases of Omicron were detected in NSW and ACT, bringing the total to 18 cases nationwide.

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