Montague St Bridge costs $ 100,000 economically each time it hits a truck

It’s a notorious bridge that has become infamous in truck clashes, has its own fan pages, and has evolved into a long-standing (albeit affectionate) joke for Victorians.

Montaguest Bridge may hold a national record for the number of collisions of trucks, buses and minivans, with five collisions this year alone.

But that’s another number that turned to water, revealing that the clash cost the economy up to $ 900,000 each year.

Camera iconThe bridge requested 5 vehicles in 2021 credit: NCA NewsWire

“We estimate that each bridge strike will cost $ 100,000,” Victoria’s Minister of Public Transport Ben Carroll told 3AW Radio.

“This is based on a 45 minute delay in transportation, including freight, but also on the impact on public transport passengers who often have to cancel routes on bridges.

“This is also pretty conservative, because we often have to send ambulances and firefighters.”

Truck stuck under the bridge
Camera iconA truck that hit a bridge in April this year credit: NCA NewsWire

The truck has hit the bridge five times this year and is reported to have hit at least 100 times since 2009.

In recent years, trucks have had roofs, walls, doors stripped, and have become completely stuck under a low-level bridge of 3 meters. Overconfident or totally dim, the driver charges without worrying about the result.

This trend diminished when a bus crashed into a building in early 2016, seriously injuring six people.

The bridge, lovingly known as “Monty”, has gained cult status and even Website Document the number of days between crashes.

The bridge, built in 1914 as a connecting line between Port Melbourne and the city, had a sidewalk beneath it in the 1930s to cope with the floods in the area.

A Melbourne person who spoke to ABC Radio in 2016 said he had witnessed a crash on a bridge until 1929, when he was seven.

“I was there in 1929 … and the truck got stuck under the bridge,” he said.

“I told them,’Why don’t you disappoint his tires?'” He added, the inflatable tires were new at the time.

Bridges struck an average of 6-9 times a year before the pandemic cost the economy $ 600,000 to $ 900,000 each year.

The government has also installed many warning signs (19 to be exact) on the surrounding roads and bridges themselves to warn tall vehicles to avoid them.

VicRoads also installed a low-height gantry with reflective paddles in front of the bridge to prevent future accidents.

Carroll said he had no plans to change bridges or roads and urged drivers to be careful.

“Lower roads create flood problems, but the impact and literally costing hundreds of millions of dollars will lift the bridge as it will move up the rail and tram lines through the CBD. It certainly costs money, “he said.

“I often go through it and why do you think you can’t know?

“A gantry that was installed somewhere behind the bridge a few years ago would be very unbearable if it hits something that it was convinced it would hit.”

Montague St Bridge costs $ 100,000 economically each time it hits a truck

Source link Montague St Bridge costs $ 100,000 economically each time it hits a truck

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