Monochrome adds Bitcoin industry expert Has McCook

Monochrome research Hass McCook has announced that he is the new Head of Research as he continues to develop education on new digital assets.

McCook, a globally recognized researcher and analyst with nearly 10 years of research experience in Bitcoin, is one of the leaders in the field of digital assets.

“Has has expertise in key areas of Bitcoin and digital assets. His knowledge of space is world class and gives Monochrome Research a significant advantage in providing insights to its clients.” CIO David Hobart said. Monochrome asset management..

Since 2014, engineer and Oxford MBA Hass McCook has contributed to conversations about digital assets in multiple media, including conference presentations, teaching materials, and research treatises.

“My position in the industry has always been a researcher and an educator. The opportunity to participate in Monochrome as Head of Research brings this knowledge to the investment community and demonstrates the benefits and risks of digital assets. It gives us the opportunity, “says McCook.

Alongside Michael Sailor and Mike Novogratz, McCook, a member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, has made extensive presentations on topics such as Bitcoin mining economics, sustainability and development, and the internal mechanics of the asset class. Provides unusual insights about.

McCook emphasized the importance of bringing a strong foundation to the market.

“In a complex environment like the digital asset industry, mastering these foundations is even more important,” McCook said.

Monochrome adds Bitcoin industry expert Has McCook

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