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AM I the only Knights fan who can see the irony in Mitchell Pearce’s recent radio interview comment, where he said that the Knights need to work on their attack for next year, given our stuttering attack this year? Now, I’m no expert, but surely, some of the blame for that performance (or lack thereof) can be laid squarely at his very experienced feet? Isn’t that what halfbacks are meant to do, lead/instigate/create attacking plays? Or am I missing something, and our team’s lack of attacking options were other players’ fault? THE recent anti-vax and COVID freedom rallies in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been compared to the madness which occurred in Washington DC on January 6 this year. One element I believe common to both was the blatant political opportunism of Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly’s rhetoric, emulating defeated president Donald Trump’s efforts whipping up his mob of extremists to storm the Capitol Building. Fortunately, Australia’s freedom rallies did not entirely follow the US lead. No murders or significant damage occurred to our public buildings. However, in my opinion the potential did exist for them to occur. Normal people do not go to demonstrations toting nooses on gallows. Who among us watching the rallies did not think back to “Ditch the Witch” and “JuLiar” banners? I pose the question, are the nooses and hyperbolic rhetoric of the right during our “freedom rallies’ a contrived re-energising of extremism in Australian politics? THE Prime Minister was on TV yesterday stating that everybody should now be allowed to go have a cup of coffee. Talk about doublespeak. Go back to five or six months ago, every morning there was a news conference stating how many people had the virus, how many people had died, and how the percentage of the population had been vaccinated. We had the Liberal Coalition Prime Minister Morrison and the Premier Berejiklian imploring, come on people we have to get everybody double vaxxed, this is the way to stop this virus from spreading. When this is done you will see at the end of the rainbow a prize for all you people double vaxxed you will be able to see your relatives, go shopping, sit and have a coffee and enjoy a meal with friends. But now we have Prime Minister Morrison in a news conference altering his line of speech, saying everybody should be allowed to go have coffee even if they are not vaccinated. There was no mandate that made people get vaccinated; there was no race. So why the lockdowns and people shut up in their own homes if now everybody is allowed to roam as they want? Methinks there must be an election in the air and he wants everybody on his side, and not to alienate anybody against him. AT personal risk, and for no financial gain, young activists this week literally put themselves on the line at the world’s biggest coal export terminal here in Newcastle, drawing attention to the dangers we face from the ongoing export and burning of fossil fuels. I believe the genuinely dangerous influencers and activists are the fossil corporates, busy behind the scenes making massive profits and ignoring loud and clear warnings from scientists, economists, business leaders, farmers and school protesters that this is a pathway to climate hell. A clear majority across Australia support an orderly transition to renewables, but the Nationals under Barnaby Joyce have abandoned rural and regional Australia to side with the corporates in blocking any real action. They’ve demanded an incredible $240 billion handout for almost 100 planned new coal and gas projects. This staggering amount equals $10,000 from every single Australian, or the equivalent in royalties of 24,000 coal trains, one every hour 24/7 for the next 300 years. In my view the Kooragang activists deserve medals not prison sentences, for pointing out the utter madness of the road Australia is on. They will certainly have the approval of millions of other young Australians who are seeing their future sold out from under them. Please remember their message at the 2022 election. I’VE read many letters and comments to the editor referring to the Macron/Morrison difference of opinion. Most have some merit, however it is my understanding, Macron did not say that Australia was not telling the truth, or that he disrespected Australia, I’m pretty much convinced it is only Scott Morrison he has issues with. But like most other times the Prime Minister dodges behind whatever is available when things turn pear shaped, but when there is any glory or credit to be claimed his big smile is out there claiming it. NEWCASTLE has a very unique maritime history. From being the second settlement in NSW to providing our first export – coal to India and now, graduating to being the world’s largest exporter of coal. It is important that this proud past should be displayed for all to see. In the past we have had a number of museums. The last was the A shed at Honeysuckle. Unfortunately our council expected it to charge admission and make a profit. This was not possible and thus it closed down because of unpaid rent. And then surprise, surprise, they decided to lease the shed out for another hotel – how many hotels do we need? The council’s thinking seems to have been that another hotel is more important than a proper public display of our unique maritime history. Currently the exhibits are stored in a shed in Carrington and may never be properly displayed again. Thank our incumbent councillors at the upcoming elections. I AM writing in response to a letter written to you recently by Dr John Woodward, which I find concerning and moreover, incorrect. I believe the academic who wrote to you has misrepresented me as I have not made comment about AVOs. You may recall, on November 16, I was asked a number of questions about specifics of this case during interviews, as I have on many occasions since. I’ve consistently reinforced that it is inappropriate for me to make comment on the details of a case under investigation. It is of course imperative that any detailed information is not provided in the public domain, for the sake of the cases integrity. I would like to assure you and your readers that I do respect the role of lawyers. Every party that plays a role in law enforcement and keeping our communities safer is an important one. I WOULD like to thank the three ladies who stopped and offered me a lift while I was standing in the rain waiting for a tow truck after I had been hit from the back on Sunday. Because I had to wait for the tow truck I declined their offer of the first two and thanked them. After the tow truck had been and gone a third lady stopped and insisted she take me home as it was still raining heavily and I was quite wet. She drove me from Wallsend to Cardiff then had to return to Wallsend to pick up her daughter. I still haven’t got over their kindness and it does show there are good people out there SO we see our illustrious Prime Minister up to his usual divisive tactics. Playing politics by qualifying his condemnation of the appalling right wing influenced violence we are seeing in Victoria. Does it remind you of someone? Yes, our Prime Minister’s hero, Donald Trump. We cannot afford to put up with a Prime Minister who has been behind on so many issues. Climate change, no rush vaccination policy and bushfire response just to mention a few. MAUREEN Dearing (Letters, 18/11), apparently with no supporting evidence, claims that 87 per cent of Australians support voluntary assisted dying. Perhaps 87 per cent would say that no one should die in unrelieved pain, but the biggest misconception of this whole debate is that voluntary assisted dying is sometimes necessary to relieve pain. In fact, as an Irish pharmacist concluded in the British Medical Journal’s publication BMJ earlier this year: “The process of assisted suicide and/or euthanasia cannot guarantee a peaceful, pain free, dignified death.” Ms Dearing says that safeguards in this bill are extensive, exhaustive and have been proven in many other places. What other places? NSW Labor Opposition leader Chris Minns points out that no legislation can prescribe against the conduct of people with bad intentions. Ms Dearing commends the “Dying With Dignity NSW” website to debunk VAD myths. I suggest Hope: Preventing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide as a better alternative. WITH the upcoming federal election, there’s a feeling of deja vu in the air. If the LNP looks like losing control, will there be another sports rort? At the last election, it seemed to me that any money left in the coffers was siphoned off to Liberal electorates should they lose. But a “miracle” happened and here we are again. In my view, the smart thing to do would be to throw money at the safe Labor seats to gain more votes and another miracle might happen. I GUESS all you can say about the Jets is they can only get better – or can they (‘Stuck on the runway’, Newcastle Herald 22/11)?



Mitchell Pearce’s Newcastle Knights insight ‘too little too late’ for fans | letters November 24 2021 | Newcastle Herald Source link Mitchell Pearce’s Newcastle Knights insight ‘too little too late’ for fans | letters November 24 2021 | Newcastle Herald

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