Missing man William’Bill’Roach claimed that the witch was behind him

The man disappeared from a rural town after claiming to have been cursed by a witch in an incident that had puzzled police for nearly 30 years.

It’s been about 30 years since a college student disappeared from a plateau in northern New South Wales after making a strange claim that he was cursed by a witch.

William “Bill” Roach was last seen on Armidale’s main street in 1993.

When he disappeared at the age of 25, he was studying part-time at a university in England. He is believed to have lived in another community with a girlfriend who described himself as a witch practice.

According to a previous report by Fairfax, Mr. Roach attended a “secret ritual” for the witch, where he mocked the witch. He claimed to have been cursed by his actions.

He was last seen alive on December 31, 1993 on Bernie Street in Armidale. He was reported missing a few days later.

In 2005, his family told reporters that they were “experiencing a strange era.”

A 2010 inquest determined that Mr. Roach had died, but the coroner did not state how, where, or why. His body has never been found.

The incident continues to confuse police almost 30 years later.

Police on Tuesday announced that the state government had increased the rewards for information about his disappearance to $ 1 million.

Strikeforce Annan was founded in 2004 to investigate the circumstances surrounding Mr. Roach’s disappearance and was initially provided with a $ 50,000 bounty.

Despite years of extensive research, including the enforcement of a criminal warrant on a real estate suburb of Armidale in 2016, there were no traces of college students.

In 2005, detective Sergeant Greg Ramay said that Mr. Roach’s belief that he was cursed really reached him.

“From a police point of view, I don’t think he was killed by a witch, but he really believed that the hex was placed on him,” he said at the time.

Police and Roach’s family will provide information to the media later on Tuesday.

Missing man William’Bill’Roach claimed that the witch was behind him

Source link Missing man William’Bill’Roach claimed that the witch was behind him

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