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Missing Camper Arrest: Greg Lynn charged with murdering Russell Hill and Carol Clay

A man was charged with murder after a 20-month investigation into the disappearance of two missing campers.

Police have charged a Victorian man with the murder of missing Wonangata campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay.

Greg Lynn, 55, was charged with two murders Thursday night after a three-day cross-examination and a nearly two-year thorough police investigation.

Camp-loving Jetstar pilot Lin was arrested Monday night at a remote campsite at Arbuckle Junction, 1.5 hours south of Wonangata in the eastern part of the state.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Bob Hill said his thoughts were about the victims’ families, but investigators are preparing to search the ruins of Bushland in the Victorian Alps, and the investigation is not over yet. Was emphasized.

“The last 20 months have been a very difficult time for them, and I know that grief is still raw,” he said.

“I hope this arrest will bring us one step closer to providing the answers that the family desperately seeks and deserves.”

The accusation is the latest development in a fascinating 20-month incident that began on March 20, last year, when Hill and Clay last contacted.

Despite significant progress, the investigation is not over yet. Police have narrowed down to dense areas of Victoria’s alpine areas, where they believe they can hold the key to finding the couple’s body.

Investigators from the Missing Squad will be dispatched to set up crime scenes in vegetation-rich areas.

“Forensics specialists will start searching there in the next few days. Police hope we can find the deceased and provide the ultimate closure to the family,” Hill said.

Investigations surged two weeks ago when police released a photo of a blue four-wheel drive vehicle towing a trailer they believed could be related to the incident.

Police on Tuesday were subsequently seen pulling Lin’s 4WD for a forensic examination in Melbourne.

The car is sandy brown, but it looks a lot like the dark blue that Nissan Patrol police have been looking for in the last few months after appealing to the general public to ask the car owner to come forward.

Police believe the trailer was sold at Gumtree and will work with the organization to track its whereabouts, Hill said.

Hill first left Doruan’s house and embarked on a fateful camping trip on March 19. After that, I gathered Mr. Clay from my home in Pakenham with a white Toyota Land Cruiser.

The two then headed to the Wonangata Valley on March 20th, after a night at Howitt High Plains via Ricola.

Hill, who didn’t tell his wife that he was with Clay, said he was last on HF radio the next day and said he was in the Wonangatta Valley in the Victoria Alps.

The next day, a camper van found Hill’s vehicle at a campsite near the Dry River Creek truck in the Wonangata Valley, showing signs of minor fire damage.

Since then, police have conducted extensive searches in the area, including detectives for missing units, local police, search and rescue teams, aviation units, dog units, and even the Australian Federal Police.

In a “thorough” investigation, police used specialized investigative techniques to interrogate hundreds of people and eliminate hundreds of vehicles that led to their arrest on Monday.

Hill said it was a “complex and exhausted” investigation.

He said the investigators felt relieved but incredibly tired while the emotions were mixed.

“This is one of the most important surveys we have done in recent years,” he said.

“The investigators were relieved, but thankful for more to do. In fact, the 20-month long-distance effort and dedication was extraordinary.”

The couple’s family welcomed the news that the suspect had been arrested for the past few days and longed for an answer as to where the body of his loved one was.

Clay’s sister Jill said the disappearance of her beloved 73-year-old sister was tough and hoped that the man’s arrest would result in a closure.

“Emotionally, it brought everything during that time-a lot of sadness and pain. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, they just disappeared,” she said.

“Now, suddenly there is a sparkle and you may get some answers.

“With these answers, it’s very reassuring to have a monument to Carol and Russell.”

Initially published as follows Police reveal next move after Greg Lynn is charged with killing a missing camper

Missing Camper Arrest: Greg Lynn charged with murdering Russell Hill and Carol Clay

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