Minogue’s return to “emotional” neighbors

Kylie Minogue describes it as “emotional” back to the neighbors set up to shoot the show’s finale scene.

A pop superstar who became famous for Australian soap opera told Sky News that it was her “big break” and played a special role in her career.

Her 54-year-old returned home at the moment “blinking you miss me”, but the news quickly spread and she had her “unique life”.

First aired in 1985, Neighbors, who live and work in the fictional Elinsborough suburbs of Melbourne, filmed the final scene last week.

Minogue said, “It was touching to return to the set and it really felt beautiful. The fact that we were able to see each other.

“I have never seen these people. Some of them have been around for over 30 years.

“And, as you know, life is gone and we’ve all experienced a lot, and face-to-face, this is part of our history. It was great. is.”

Minogue and her co-star Jason Donovan will return to the show in the final episode as beloved characters Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell.

Regarding her time on soap, Minogue said, “I started acting a few years ago, but my kind of big break and how I got the name of the house was in 1986 Neighbors. I think it was months ago through. “

Both 54-year-old duos played Scott and Charlene until their departures in 1989 and 1988, respectively.

Their wedding episode was first aired in 1987 by more than 2 million Australian viewers, and then when it was screened in the United Kingdom in 1988, it was viewed by about 20 million people. Attracted people.

Soap also started the careers of Hollywood stars such as Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth.

The final episode will air on August 1st.

Minogue’s return to “emotional” neighbors

Source link Minogue’s return to “emotional” neighbors

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