Mind coach preparing Cameron Green for the next test

“It was pretty intense,” says Green. “Playing test cricket was really weird. You see it as a kid growing up, but it was really different.

“I couldn’t really enjoy the experience because I was trapped in the hotel all the time. The cricket and the crowd were great-thanks to God for being able to play in front of the crowd-but at the same time. It felt strange to just eat in your hotel room. You couldn’t get out and interact with friends and family who came. [It was] It’s pretty intense like that. “

Until the circuit arrived in Sydney, that is, managing the outbreak on Northern Beach, the whole series wasn’t because the restrictions became more annoying. But it was a long and tough summer for those who were 21 at the time.

Green from Western Australia had previously had a different experience with COVID. He would have been hit harder than most teammates because he was trapped in the hotel for two weeks and couldn’t even find a short relief from the pressure of the high stakes series and the heightened tensions in the camp.


“We still couldn’t go to Adelaide and Melbourne and do the usual things,” he says. “We were not allowed to sit inside [restaurants].. I know it’s not a big deal, but when I was deprived of luxury, it seemed like a big deal at the time. “

The idea of ​​meeting a mindfulness coach came at an end-of-season meeting with a sports psychologist from the Western Australian Cricket Association. Green didn’t want to be one of the athletes who regret not tackling mental challenges early in his career.

It speaks to his maturity, not to mention his foresight and emotional intelligence to consider such issues, and to do anything about it.

“I just wanted to do it aggressively … not to catch up later, but to get over it quickly,” says Green. “I think we’re doing a good job physically and technically. If doing it outdoors can improve us by 1%, that’s when I’m mentally tired by the end of the year. I felt I could help. “

In weekly sessions, Green and his mindfulness experts perform techniques that can be used to reduce anxiety while waiting for the bat. He begins meditation and uses breathing techniques to stay calm. Another tool they discuss is a pivot to turn negative energies into positive emotions. He hasn’t settled down in the routine yet.

“I’m also so fresh with it that I’m trying to solve it,” says Green. “It’s when you get anxious before you go out to the bat, it’s a way to calm yourself and use less mental energy before you go out there.

Cameron Greene receives his baggy green cap, watched by partner Emily Redwood and father Gary

“When you’re there, you need it as much as you can. There’s not much you can do before the game lying in bed, but you can be anxious before the game. If there’s a way to calm down, or if there’s something you can help before you go out to the bat, that’s what we’re trying to help. “

Green’s way to deal with the hype that surrounds him is simpler: ignore it.

Even before his debut, test legend Greg Chapel described Green as the best batting talent he’s seen since Ponting, who was described as the best since Bradman.

“It’s incredible to get those words,” says Green. “I really tried to stay as strong as I could. I knew you couldn’t run until you were actually there. Just keep your current state of mind and think ahead. Don’t go too far. Try as hard as I can.

“I don’t follow any media site on social media. It only confuses your thinking process. Whether they are great or not, you don’t get much from reading those articles. “


The first test summer of the green failed to brand success or failure. Still looking for his first century and ticket gates, but at no stage he did not emerge from his depth with a bat or ball.

“It wasn’t without execution,” says Green. “It was what I took out of it. Looking back at the test cricket, I have no bad memories.”

Twelve months ago, Green was able to bowl up to 20 over-innings under the bowling restrictions he returned from a stress fracture in his back. This is more than enough for a fourth seamer. Aside from injuries, Green will almost certainly play in his first ash series, although a century has passed this season. And he is ready for bubble life.

“I just remember that it wouldn’t be as bad as last summer, and if so, I’m already ready for it,” says Green. “We know what it will be. I’m sure it’s not that bad. It’s definitely some confidence you can get from it.”

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Mind coach preparing Cameron Green for the next test

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