Mike Cannon-Brook counterattacks Barnaby Joyce’s “Bulls ** t” methane controversy

Australian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brook has blamed the deputy prime minister’s “bullish” debate. He once again called on the Australian Government to provide a detailed route to zeroing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Daily Telegraph’s Bush Summit, Atlassian’s co-founder confronted Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in a heated debate on the road to Net Zero by 2050. We are currently heading to the Glasgow COP26 Climate Conference.

However, the plan includes Cannon Brooks, who questioned the content of the plan, believing that the use of “magical” future and little-specified technology was a key component of the government’s plan. Faced with criticism from many. The fact that modeling will not be released in a few weeks.

Discussions took place behind Joyce, confirming earlier this week that the agricultural industry would be exempt from reducing methane emissions by 2030, fearing that farmers would need to kill herds.

Camera iconDeputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brook discuss Net Zero.Toby Zerna credit: News Corp Australia

Lowering methane levels in the agricultural sector within the next nine years will cause serious harm to farmers, the wider meat industry, and Australians in all other regions and rural areas that coexist with the industry, Joyce said. rice field.

This is an argument that Cannon Brooks accused of being a “perfect BS.”

“The Meat and Livestock Association will reach net zero by 2030. The idea of ​​destroying the beef cattle industry is bullish ***, which has nothing to do with the problem,” said Cannon Brooks. ..

“The good part about it, and in the pamphlet I agree with, is that we cover all greenhouse gases, so I asked PM,” How are you going to eliminate methane? Do you ask?

“Will it come at the expense of the gas industry or agriculture? Where does it come from? Because it is included in the plan.

“I don’t know how. I don’t know the details of where methane goes.”

Joyce reiterated that the plan will be available to the general public in the coming weeks.

When Joyce claimed that renewable energy was pushing up electricity prices, discussions continued later in the roundtable, and Cannonbrooks argued.

“Everyone rolls out and begins to blame renewable energy. It’s the same old and tired argument that doesn’t help us at all,” Cannon Brooks said.

“It’s not backed by facts, not backed by economics, not backed by science.”

In response, Joyce said Cannon Brooks should “read your own facts.”

“If you like, I’ll send them to you,” he said.

Bush summit
Camera iconJoyce told Cannon Brooks to “read the facts.”Toby Zerna credit: News Corp Australia

Cannonbrook just wanted to see the plan and said Australians deserve the deadline for the transition to Net Zero.

“The plan is to do this in the industry in this area by this date. This is what it affects, how it works, and how it prepares for it, and how. Whatever it is, work, economy, region, etc., I’m going to make the transition, “he said.

“The current plan doesn’t have that detail … no detail. There’s no action, date, science, or economics I can believe in the currently released documentation.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had previously told the Bush Summit that the government’s Net Zero program “does not force farmers to do more than what you have already done, but will choose to do it in the future.” ..

“And under our plan for 2050, we don’t ask states and territories to use their power to regulate how you use your land,” Morrison said. I did.

“We believe you are the best caretaker of your land.

“Our Net Zero program helps farmers take advantage of new markets.”

Morrison reiterated that the government’s plans would not “endanger work or industry” and would not reduce the competitiveness of exports.

“In our plan, the government will not close mines, one factory, one electricity plan, or change the way farmers manage their land,” he said.

Approval of the plan came after weeks of dispute among the public on what details to agree on.

“I realized that if we weren’t in the cabinet position, we would resign … that would probably lead to government instability that no one likes … and we’ll lose the election.” Said Mr. Joyce.

Mike Cannon-Brook counterattacks Barnaby Joyce’s “Bulls ** t” methane controversy

Source link Mike Cannon-Brook counterattacks Barnaby Joyce’s “Bulls ** t” methane controversy

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