Metrics Appoints Three Investment Directors

Metrics Credit Partners has appointed three investment directors, two of whom are from Investec Australia.

Marc Hurwitz will join Investec Australia’s Acquisition Finance (CAF) team, and Charles Tandy and Mathew Fulton will join Metrics from ANZ and Investec Australia in April, respectively.

Harwitz, who joins Metrics today, has 11 years of experience at Investec and 20 years of experience, including previous positions at Ellerston Capital and Goldman Sachs.

In March, Metrics acquired its CAF loan portfolio and created a portfolio of over $ 6.5 billion in assets under management.

Fulton and Harwitz focus on corporate origin, and Tandy focuses on commercial real estate asset origin.

Andrew Lockhart, Managing Partner of Metrics, said: All three bring a wealth of industry experience and put us in an advantageous position for continued growth. ”

“The acquisition of Investec’s portfolio has been a great success for investors as it has increased the diversity and liquidity of the fund as a whole and expanded its relationship with the borrowers of Australian companies.”

Metrics Appoints Three Investment Directors

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