Melbourne’s Easys wins hamburger title at Motts Madness Creation

A restaurant in Melbourne created a burger using two very rare ingredients and won the “best burger” in the national title.

When it comes to hamburgers, there are quite a few works. But have you ever heard of a burger featuring dim sims and potato cakes?

Melbourne-based restaurant Easey’s has won the title of “Australia’s Best Hamburger” in the Litt Burger of Origin competition for the work of Motz Madness, a double-fried onion burger in Oklahoma.

Jimmy Hurlston, the owner of Easey’s and the guy behind the burger, admitted that he made a leap in trust by adding potato cakes and dim shims, but in the end it paid off. Said he was pretty excited.

“I was truly humbled by the victory,” he told

The protagonist’s ingredients nod in his childhood – he grew up eating dim sims and potato cakes during a fishing trip with his dad.

Strange and wacky burgers aren’t usually hiss, but Jimmy said he needed to make a tasty and outside burger to get over the competitive finish line.

Jimmy added that he was happy to play against 17 other burger shops and become one of the best burger restaurants in the country.

“Because the burger industry is a small place, I knew the competition well and thought it would be difficult to even play the finals,” he said.

At the Grand Final event, navigating the rigorous Covid protocol, ingredients from all five state finalists, especially for the world-famous taste of Cal Stubbs, Australia’s # 1 and # 9 professionals. I was taken to Melbourne. Gluttony eating fast.

Hosted by Hellos Sams on Chapel Street in Melbourne, the state finalist chef, who was cooked by Chef Stu (Victoria runner-up), zoomed in and instructed the Melbourne chef to recreate the victorious creation.

After that, Kal toured the country in a style full of obstacles, including border closures and strict blockages, and bravely tasted 17 top burger joints.

“It was a nail-piercing competition that led to the final tasting of everything,” Cal said.

“The competition between the last four burger joints was so fierce that we were able to determine a clear winner only after the final tasting. I couldn’t get past Easy’s Motts Madness Burger.

“Soft in the mouth, the onions worked perfectly.”

According to Kal, there were “rare additions” like dim sims and potato cakes that covered the edges.

“Australian people have to come down and give it a try. Even the most noisy people will love this burger. You will never regret it,” he added.

Jimmy said he was “totally shocked” to defeat the famous Sydney burger joints Barka, Brisbane’s hashtag burgers and waffles, and Perth’s Royals.

But each of them was the winner of their respective state.

Finding the best burgers in Australia was coordinated by the social media app LITT to help rekindle Australia’s hospitality sector.

To direct customers to these small businesses, I paid to distribute thousands of these burgers for free through Pokemon GO style augmented reality treasure hunts.

“Australia threw support behind us when Facebook gave our country a flick. So this was our thank you. Loading the country’s best burgers on the truck. By attracting a lot of long-awaited attention to SMEs. ” Brett Thompson, co-founder of LITT.

Initially published as follows Controversial burger wins the title of “Australia’s Best Hamburger”

Melbourne’s Easys wins hamburger title at Motts Madness Creation

Source link Melbourne’s Easys wins hamburger title at Motts Madness Creation

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