Melbourne Storm News reveals the worst spray ever from Craig Bellamy, Cameron Münster reveals

On Saturday night, Melbourne Storm has a chance for the NRL team to achieve something like never before — winning 20 games in a row.

The Victorian side sits in 19 consecutive victories, comparable to the 1975 Jack Gibson Roosters team.

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Against last week’s Gold Coast Titans, the storm began slowly, moving the world away from the team that blew away most of the competition this season.

According to Melbourne’s 5/8 Cameron Münster, Craig Bellamy started smoking.

“The first 15 minutes didn’t give me a chance to play well, I shot my foot and didn’t compete,” Münster said.

“Many teams want to be the ones that knock us out, so we need to make sure we give them every opportunity to play well in the first 15 or 20 minutes.”

Storm coach Craig Bellamy (left) wasn’t happy with his team’s first half against the Gold Coast Titans last Thursday. (AAP image / Scott Barber)Source: AAP

Thankfully, Bellamy wasn’t as angry as during his early trial game with Münster’s Storm last week. The spray he got back from his coach still scares his heart.

“It was great. He sprayed me because I was out all morning and played a trial game at Griffith,” Münster said. Swysh An ambassador who helped raise over $ 200,000 for charity with over 700 other athletes on a personalized video platform.

“It was one of the biggest sprays I had, and I definitely don’t want to go back to it.

“I was just in the wrong headspace and had other things in mind.

“It was a tee shot at that stage of my career. I didn’t really care about the preparation, what I ate, or anything like that.

“I was bragging about it at breakfast, Craig heard it, and unfortunately waited until my performance in the field, and that it wasn’t my performance in the field Shown.

“That was one of the reasons he sprayed me in front of everyone.”

Münster is one of the best five-eighths in the league. (Photo by Chris Hide / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

As both a storm player and leader, Münster has grown up in recent seasons and has solidified himself as one of the best playmakers in NRL. He holds the key to Melbourne’s incredible streak as they seek to claim consecutive Premierships.

The results of the season were even more impressive after Cameron Smith, the last member of “Big Three,” spent his time in his career in early 2021.

If Storm holds the Proven Summons Trophy in the air at the end of the season, it is very likely to be Münster’s greatest achievement to date.

Cameron Münster reveals the worst spray ever from storm coach Craig Bellamy.Source: ProvidedSource: Provided

“It will be the best with Origin’s debut and Australia’s debut,” Münster said.

“To do that without the Big Three, obviously” Am I a Big Game Player “and” Am I Playing My Best Soccer Player “or Behind Me With My Best Soccer Player There’s a lot of speculation about what’s there, so I can’t wait to prove them. “

When it comes to Melbourne’s winning streak, Parramatta Eels is the only way to make the history of the storm.

Melbourne Storm News reveals the worst spray ever from Craig Bellamy, Cameron Münster reveals

Source link Melbourne Storm News reveals the worst spray ever from Craig Bellamy, Cameron Münster reveals

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