Melbourne Man Selles 99th Monkey at Coles to Earn $ 540,000 in Blockage

The Melbourne guy who quit his day-to-day work to pursue his simple ideas didn’t expect him to put it in a huge supermarket and turn him into a millionaire.

The Aussie man didn’t expect his obsession with peanut butter to turn him into a millionaire.

Nick Sheridan, 40, lived in London with his wife in 2013, when there was a light bulb moment.

“I was training in a marathon and trying to eat as cleanly as possible, so I made my own peanut butter and started trying other nut butters,” Nick told

“I wanted simple and delicious food, but I didn’t want to deny it because my teeth were sweet, so I continued to have a strict diet.

“Nuts butter has become the focus for me. It’s natural and full of protein and energy boosters.” It was about the same time that the world’s desire for clean plant-based protein began to grow rapidly. So I knew I was interested in my work. “

After returning from England to Melbourne, he quit his media job and focused on understanding the recipe for chocolate peanut butter.

And he did. The product was sold at independent grocery stores throughout Melbourne the following year.

But it wasn’t until his brand, 99th Monkey, got the attention of Coles in 2018, when things really started to pick up.

“Coles gave us a shot at a small format store in Sally Hills (Melbourne), which was great for small businesses to test their items and get such a great exposure. “Nick said.

“But I was a punted journalist and I wasn’t sure what I was doing, so it was suddenly stocked in Coles, so it was also very scary. It was,” Where are you going from here? ” It was like. I had to face the fraudster syndrome head-on. “

Fortunately for Nick, after Coles was shocked, his efforts and dedication decided to stock two of his products (natural almonds and almond cocoa butter) in 800 major stores nationwide. bottom.

In the last four months alone, Nick’s $ 7 item has generated $ 540,000 worth of sales, but last year it sold a whopping $ 900,000.

Humble executives said they were “very grateful” to the big retailers for giving them such a “great opportunity.”

But he’s not without the challenge, especially during the blockage, when sales surged.

“Like everyone in the world, especially those in small businesses, the beginning of the Covid pandemic was a really scary time,” Nick said.

“People who bought high-end peanut butter like toilet paper weren’t in a hurry, but sales still grew a bit, but last April it was cricket.

“Nothing happened to the point where we had to stop production for about two weeks.

“But thankfully, it started choosing again, and since then it hasn’t stopped.”

Nick said his success depends on the taste of his product.

“We honestly believe that we make the most delicious nut butter in the world. We don’t just say that without verification,” said the two fathers.

“We get it back from the consumer and that’s how we make it. We’re a small maker, but we still make it ourselves in small batches and have a very practical process.

“We manufacture the product very quickly and turn it over. By the weekend, it will be a shelf with its beautiful perfect texture and freshness.”

His top seller at Coles is almond cocoa butter, which has only four ingredients: roasted almonds, coconut sugar, cocoa, and cocoa butter.

99th monkey Is currently operating full-time, delivering about $ 1 million worth of nut butter each year, and Nick is preparing for the company’s next exciting challenge. We are announcing plans for global expansion and new products.

“All of our products are plant-based, gluten- and GMO-free, and carbon-neutral,” he added.

“Not only is it carbon-neutral, but it offsets an additional kilogram of greenhouse gas for every kilogram of nut butter sold, making it one of Australia’s few climate-responsive food businesses. . “

Initially published as follows Aussie Broke’s $ 7 Coles item will be closed for $ 540,000

Melbourne Man Selles 99th Monkey at Coles to Earn $ 540,000 in Blockage

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