Melbourne man convicted of nine rapes and domestic attacks

The man was eventually found guilty of 9 rapes, 10 intentionally injured, 3 threats of murder, 1 assault, and 1 imprisonment.

He bundled one of the victims in the trunk of a car and then drove her for an hour to a remote shrubland where he was beaten and partially naked to dig his grave. He was acquitted on eight charges, including allegations of being forced.

A man who had previously served as a crime time against a woman was accidentally released from Port Philip Prison due to “administrative errors” during remand for threats of murder, serious assault, and weapons accusations , Made a heading in 2014.

At that time, police said they only noticed the false release when the man did not appear in court. He was arrested four weeks later.

In two recent trials, courts accused men of being interested in other men, and when they became friends with them, some of the men’s victims were homeless, single parents. Or was told that he lived alone.

According to court documents, one of his victims was beaten on various occasions, undressed, repeatedly raped, and at the same time stabbed in the stomach.

Another was thrown around the house, unconscious, choked, and raped after telling the man that he might be pregnant. She later told police that as the abuse intensified, she was only allowed to leave the bedroom to use the toilet and to eat and drink only what the man provided. If she fell asleep while he was awake, the man hit her and woke her up.

All four victims were introduced to his family.

Men have spent most of their adulthood inside and outside prisons for crimes such as armed robbery, robbery, and traffic violations. He was imprisoned for two years in 2016 after breaking a woman’s jaw, nose and ribs during the previous year’s beating. He will return to court later this year for a ruling.

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Melbourne man convicted of nine rapes and domestic attacks

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