Melbourne Demon’s Bailey Fritsch has 6 but no medals

Tom MacDonald, Easton Wood, Bailey Fritsch and Alex Keith compete for the ball. credit:Getty Images

However, it was Frich who changed the song and jumped out in the middle of Easton Wood’s back. After quitting the first attempt, the moment seemed to be gone.

Few supporters of Melbourne would have resented seeing Frich fall to the ground and clearing the enemy on the last line of defense. But unfortunately, it was Frich who fought against gravity and landed on his feet. We gathered in an instant and snapped it back to a margin of 7 points.

This was the fifth time Frich had kicked more than four goals in the game. The final series is the 10th and the 57th of the season.

For all of the modern football complaints of lack of a consistent goal kicker, it’s a big endeavor for a man shorter than Cris Judd.


Still, on an all-Australia night, Frich was sitting in a dressing gown on a zoom call watching while five of his teammates were wearing their team’s blazer. He may have turned off the camera. The only reason I haven’t heard him taunt at the selector is because he was silent. Oh, what a 2021.

Petracca and Marcus Bontemperi have taken half-forward positions on this year’s team. Neither will play in that position, but given the skill in the first half, winning with a selector is a difficult argument.

And Frich doesn’t really fit into the small forward profile. Position given to Toby Green and Tom Pupley.

But for so many minutes in so many games, he found himself the deepest step forward for the best teams in the tournament.

The white number 31 engraved on the back of the red and blue jumpers is essentially associated with the great Lombarassi, who raised Melbourne as its last flag in 1964.

But 57 years later, Bailey Fritsch gave the Western Bulldogs hell.

Nome Smith scored seven goals in the 1940 Melbourne Grand Finals. Frich managed 6 goals and didn’t win any medals.

Melbourne Demon’s Bailey Fritsch has 6 but no medals

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