Melbourne Blockade Prevention Rally: Protests planned at CBD on Saturday

Police have installed steel rings around the Melbourne CBD to prevent anti-lockdown protesters from rallying in violation of public health orders.

Victoria Police has already entered into force on Saturday afternoon in preparation for a planned blockade prevention rally in and around Melbourne’s CBD.

Despite the closure of major roads and the suspension of public transport to the city, protesters plan to continue a rally accusing Prime Minister Daniel Andrews of being selfish.

Protesters are encouraging each other in the morning in a message thread on the encrypted app Telegram to take action at 12:00 pm, even if the police are promised strong attention.

As police strengthened the city, group organizers announced in the morning that they would change location to the corner of Richmond’s Bridge Road and Church Street on the edge of the city.

However, the announcement could be a decoy to abandon the police.

Some had previously said they had to change the planned location to hand over the vouchers to the police, while others insisted that they had to “stand up” to the authorities.

The rally will ease some measures across Metropolitan Melbourne, including five fully vaccinated people who can meet outdoors from two separate households, and doubling outdoor exercise time and travel restrictions. Matches with.

Obstacles and hard barricades were set up early Saturday morning as trains and trams began to end long before they arrived in the city.

Public transport to the CBD will be cut between 8 am and 2 pm to stop the protesters’ gathering.

Victorian police last month promised to effectively close the city to prevent repeated ugly clashes between officers and protesters.

Approximately 2000 police officers (twice as many as previous events) will be stationed to prevent rallies.

Authorities considered the protest a potential “superspreader” event in Victoria and recorded 535 new local Covid-19 cases on Saturday.

Supreme Commissioner Shane Patton said on Wednesday that police officers “will do everything they can to prevent access to the city.”

“Anyone planning to attend is an illegal rally and we will do everything we can to prevent it,” Patton said.

“And if people can attend the CBD for that rally, we’ll do it.”

Those who enter the city will be fined $ 5,500 for violating public health orders.

Saturday’s actions will take place after more than 4000 people land on the CBD on August 21st.

Police arrested 200 people, six police officers were hospitalized after a turbulent view of the city, and branded the military’s best brass as one of the most violent demonstrations in 20 years. ..

at first Police brace for blockade prevention rally planned at Melbourne CBD on Saturday

Melbourne Blockade Prevention Rally: Protests planned at CBD on Saturday

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