Meghan Markle Brothers Participate in Celebrity Television Arrivals in Australia


Megan Markle’s estranged brothers reportedly jumped into Australia before appearing on Channel Seven’s reality show.

It was reported that Thomas Markle Jr. had landed in Sydney on Thursday afternoon prior to the start of the shoot. Big Brother VIP..

magazine New idea Markle, the half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex, said it was discovered by many airport staff before being taken away to begin 14 days in hotel quarantine.

Shooting the celebrity version of big BrotherAlthough delayed by the pandemic, it is reported to begin in Sydney Olympic Park within a few weeks.

Markle’s arrival comes a few days after another celebrity big Brother Recruit, right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins was deported after ignoring visa requirements.

Hopkins Dump by Channel Seven After bragging on social media about hotel quarantine rule violations. She posted an Instagram video claiming to intentionally open the quarantine door naked and without wearing a mask to “frighten” hotel workers, and later deleted it.

Australian officials responded swiftly, and Interior Minister Karen Andrews said the action was shameful and canceled Hopkins’ visa.

By Monday afternoon, the controversial commentator On the way back to the UK..

It’s unclear if Markle has replaced Hopkins at the show. Reality check star and former Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner is also reportedly participating internationally on Channel Seven’s show.

Celebrity imports are not included in the international arrival limit, causing anger among some people.

Last weekend, Labor Party spokesman Andrew Giles said the Morrison government’s decision to give Hopkins a visa was “35,000 stuck abroad, including Australian children trapped in India without parents. It was especially painful for some Australians. “

Federal sources said the New South Wales government would have granted an immigration exemption for Hopkins.But the federation is ultimately responsible for visas

Mr. Markle and the Duchess are not nearby. They shared the same father, Thomas Markle, and lived with sister Samantha Grant and Megan’s mother (Thomas Jr.’s stepmother) Doria Ragland when Megan was born.

However, they have reportedly been out of touch since 2011, long before Megan married Prince Harry in 2018. Of Megan’s family, only Ms. Lagrand was invited to a wedding at Windsor Castle with her grandson.

In 2020, Markle, who lives in Oregon, said: New idea He was not surprised that the Duchess and Duchess resigned as senior members of the British royal family.

“If things go wrong, she just goes on another route,” he said.

“Ultimately, she wants to do what she wants to do and doesn’t want to be told what to do. Living under the rules and guidelines of the palace … probably to her life and Harry. I think it caused a lot of problems.

“That’s what she looks like. It’s very likely she said down. [to Harry] I’m leaving – with or without you. “

Markle also has a checkered history. He was arrested for drunk driving and twice for threats of domestic violence.

Meghan Markle Brothers Participate in Celebrity Television Arrivals in Australia

Source link Meghan Markle Brothers Participate in Celebrity Television Arrivals in Australia

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