McDonald’s masterpiece gives Coolangatta the Magic Millions Classic

McDonald’s praised Coolangatta. Coolangatta had one out and one back, but he won and hit the front straight.

“⁣ She is a special mare,”⁣ McDonald’s said. “⁣ The race was perfect, I went to the best possible place and she did the rest. It was a big thrill to ride such a dominant favorite in the race. It’s a big expectation. I have and I’m glad I could help her with a nice ride.

“⁣ I’ve had a nice 2-year-old kid, but she’s definitely there.” ⁣

Previously snap dancers Magic Millions Phillies and Mares, Maher and Eustas are aiming for the Golden Slippers after choosing to send Coolangatta to Sydney at the beginning of their career.

“⁣ What we are doing is to do our best to Sydney to test them because we can’t put the average ones there,” ⁣ Eustas said.

“⁣ She got up from the beginning, winning Gimcrack, and now Magic Millions, and she can get better for Slipper.”

Peter and Paul Snowden may have had to settle down second in the two-year-old race, but King Sparta gave them Magic Millions Guinea in an explosive explosion. ″ ⁣ J-Mac jumped at us at the age of two, but our mare [Russian Conquest] It was still very good, “⁣ Paul Snowden said. “⁣ King Of Spartan is the horse we always thought could win such a big race and today you saw his best. This time he came back pretty strong and in the fall I’m going to have a good race. “⁣

Previously, Evander Eleven raised revenues from Magic Millions Day to $ 2.3 million and stood up with a thrilling photo finish from Holyfield and Apache Chase to defend the Magic Millions Cup crown. Eleven Eleven won the Magic Millions Guinea at the age of three after Alligator Blood was disqualified before stepping up to the 1400m Cup.

“He will be back here next year, he obviously likes the place,” said trainer Greg Hickman. “If we can win the race on this day every year, it will increase soon.”

Eleven Eleven was a happy hunting ground, but isotopes corrected their mistakes in snippets 12 months ago.

“Redemption,” Jockey Ryan Maloney shouted back, remembering that the isotope had fallen when he won the Magic Millions 12 months ago.

Tony Golan’s special sprinter won six of her 11 starts and first appeared nine months after almost dying from colic in Sydney last April. She may mature during the holidays and return to take on the best sprinter in the country later this year.

“⁣ We rode some highs with her and then lows like last year’s Magic Millions Day,”⁣ Golan said.

“Returning her here today is a bit of justice last year, as things started to get back on track in Sydney and then she was about to die on us.⁣ You’ll see her in Sydney in the fall I can’t wait to take her away again.

“⁣ She can do anything next year.” ⁣

McDonald’s masterpiece gives Coolangatta the Magic Millions Classic

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