Mayor Tweed says Queensland borders must shift

The border mayor is calling on the Queensland and New South Wales governments to move the border crossing south and lift the regional blockade in the latter state to reunite his community.

Tweedshire Mayor Chris Cherry says the television news footage of locals celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday at the closed border between Queensland and New South Wales was heartbreaking.

He says the continued damage to local people’s mental health and economy from the Queensland border closure in late July is devastating.

“No one with a heart could see what happened yesterday and didn’t think there was an urgent need to do anything,” CrCherry told the Nine’s Today program.

“These are affecting the lives of our family in this way. I know people are suffering all over the state, and I don’t want to rob anything from it, people everywhere. It’s hurt, but this isn’t the area I’ve been infected with COVID for over 12 months. “

The mayor is calling on New South Wales to lift the area’s blockade and move the border crossing south to include Tweed Heads in the Queensland Police-controlled border bubble zone.

The NSW has already ruled out that option, saying it will create additional administrative difficulties for Tweed Shire residents living outside Tweed Heads.

“Therefore, along the river region north of here, MPs with the addition of Gold Coast MPs are still seeking these border crossings, so they will move the COVID checkpoints further south,” CrCherry said. Said.

“Whether it’s Tweed Shire or the entire northern river, that’s our main purpose.

“Obviously, on Friday I worked with other Northern Rivers mayors to call on the Government of New South Wales to free us from the blockade of the region because we don’t have COVID cases. “He said.

“So there’s a lot to do. We’re also asking if they can tighten their exemptions coming from Sydney because it’s the last thing we need at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Queensland Health is trying to track 5-8 people in Beanley’s nail salon last Monday with a known COVID-19 case, a 46-year-old truck driver.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said people aren’t using government check-in apps and may be in the community while infected.

“So I’m very worried we need to catch you because there are more people who went and attended last Monday morning,” she told reporters on Sunday. ..

“So we are using the check-in data we have, but that’s not enough.”

Another close contact with the truck driver was recorded as a locally acquired incident on Sunday.

She was the mother of a four-year-old girl who also caught the virus from a truck driver and was quarantined at home when the test was positive.

Queensland has put more than 1000 families in home quarantine because of possible contact with a girl at an elementary school and day care center in the Beenleigh area.

Meanwhile, a New South Wales truck driver and a Qantas pilot who live in Kingaroy but flew from Brisbane to Hong Kong and Melbourne both tested positive after arriving in other states.

Mayor Tweed says Queensland borders must shift

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