Matthew Delabedova Preview, Melbourne United, Australian Basketball Legend Fight in NBL

The deal between Matthew Delabedova and Melbourne United is arguably one of the biggest coups in NBL history.

It is impossible to claim that Dellavedova is not one of the greatest and most skilled players Australia has ever produced. Few Australians so far have anything close to Delhi’s career between the 2016 NBA Championship Ring and the Olympic medals alone.

On December 5th, in a must-see rival game, you can see him appearing on the NBL Court for the first time against the Sydney Kings (mostly pegged as real title challengers).

But what can NBL fans expect from Delhi after the game? Let’s explore.

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What did he leave in the tank?

Matthew Dellavedova is back at the NBL.Source: Getty Images

He may play with the veteran strength and hustle and bustle of players belonging to the 80’s or 90’s, but Delhi is still 31 years old. Due to his playing style, Dellavedova has probably earned more miles than his age, but he still has to have more high quality basketball left for him, Very valuable to Melbourne.

However, most of that value is not available by scoring. Dellavedova was by no means a mass scorer, but recently his ability to shoot the ball from range has abandoned him.With constant injury problems Try to readjust his shooting mechanicsThe percentage of Dellavedova from the 3 point range has gone from legally good to scary.

In each of his last two NBA seasons, he did less than a quarter of his attempts. During the Olympics, Dellavedova made only 23.1 percent of his attempts..Meanwhile, throughout his four NBL pre-season games, he Converted under one-fifth of his attempts.

Phoenix Edge United at the final NBL Blitz | 01:19

However, this downward trend does not necessarily represent the next season of Dellavedova. From college to the first six seasons in the NBA, Dellavedova was recognized as an excellent shooter. Each season, he shot above 35%, which is always considered the norm.

Therefore, his past suggests that one day he will understand it all. In the Melbourne ecosystem, NBL’s three-point line is short, so it’s quite possible that he’ll turn it around pretty quickly.

Even if he doesn’t, Delhi has other ways to contribute aggressively.

With his skill and strength, he can basically slip his way into the paint whenever he wants. He still has a lot of nifty moves to shoot around the basket, including the patented floater.

At 6’3”, he has a physical advantage over most NBL point guards. Throughout the pre-season action, I saw him post a few small guards.

Delhi also remains an elite passerby and needs to use that aspect of his game to boost Melbourne’s attack. In the NBA last season, Delhi provided 4.5 assists per game with a turnover of only 0.5. This is a very good ratio of assist to turnover.

On the other side of the ball, Delhi’s stubborn defensive reputation has not diminished.Director Dean Vickerman recently applauded His blockade defense Pre-season action against the Hawks against star guards Justinian Jessup and Tyler Harvey.

Vickerman said: “The way he was able to trap those guys, his ability to lead the team and become a great teammate, is what many NBA teams are looking for.”

As I mentioned last week, Delhi is also hungry for another shot in the NBA. Dellavedova frankly wants to take advantage of this NBL season to claim another NBA contract.

Watch all games from the 21/22 NBL season live and on demand on ESPN on Kayo. Is this your first time with Kayo? Start a free trial>

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With such a hunger, we should see absolutely the best from Delhi during the next season.

How does he fit into Melbourne United?

Melbourne. November 20, 2021. Melbourne played against Illawarra Hawks at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center. Matthew Dellavedova Drive … Photo: Michael Klein.Source: News Corp Australia

Together with Melbourne United, Dellavedova is stepping into the shoes of starguard Mitch McCarron, who left United during the off-season to sign a deal with Adelaide.

McCarron wasn’t a typical United star, but he offered one value in writing all possible cracks on paper. On the loaded Melbourne United roster, he didn’t have to be the stud to dominate the ball. He instead used the attributes of his glue to turn United into a more cohesive unit.

As a dynamite defender on and off the ball, an ambitious playmaker, and a versatile scorer if needed, McCarron was an important gear in the march to Melbourne’s championship last season. Not overly flashy, but these attributes allowed him to honor All-NBL’s second team last season.

It’s really hard to think of a better alternative to Maccaron than Dellavedova. He should soon be able to make the same kind of glue-like effect.

Due to the variety of offensive threats in Melbourne, Delhi is willing to sit down and direct United’s offensive studs to control the attack. He is happy to act as a set-up man such as Chris Goulding, breakout candidate Jo Lual-Acuill, and potential superstar importer Caleb Agada. He should allow them to maintain high utilization and make them better with his excellent distribution.

Vickerman signs extension with United | 01:24

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Defensively, Delhi is willing to cover weak links and defensive lapses and supercharge already defensively rugged United units. He chokes on hostile ball handlers, which greatly eases the lives of his teammates.

Bogut 2.0?

Melbourne, Australia – February 17: Andrew Bogut of the Sydney Kings wins the Andrew Gaze Trophy for the NBL Best Player Award at the 2019 NBL Gala Dinner at the Crown Palladium on February 17, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. Take a pose. (Photo by Scott Barber / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Delhi can never exceed an average of 20 points per game this NBL season. Despite the fact that he is moving from the NBA competition to the NBL, he is not that type of player.

Still, it’s more than possible to dominate the game without a large number of scorers. At all the other locations he covers in court, Dellavedova still has a chance to do that.

The template that Dellavedova has to work on could be a two-season stint with Andrew Bogut’s Sydney Kings.

Bogut arguably joined the NBL as the biggest signature in league history, with an average of only 10 points per game. When Bogut was asked to make his own shot, Bogut often had a hard time doing so.

Still, Bogut dominated the game in other ways instead of being considered unexploded.

He was easily the most destructive defense in the league, eating a feast in the glass and was an important gear in Kings’ attack with his high postpass.

His ability to dominate without a score allowed Bogut to bring back the MVP in 2019 and win the final NBA contract with the Golden State Warriors shortly after his first season in Sydney.

It’s not hard to imagine that Dellavedova would have a similar effect.

Matthew Delabedova Preview, Melbourne United, Australian Basketball Legend Fight in NBL

Source link Matthew Delabedova Preview, Melbourne United, Australian Basketball Legend Fight in NBL

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