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Matildas wipes out external pressure and Brazil with statement performance | Matildas

At a pre-match press conference on Friday, Tony Gustafsson showed what he called a “metaphor of pressure.” During a zoom call with a journalist, a former math teacher took a whiteboard and markers, moved them to a frame, and animated them to draw a circle inside another circle. He said the larger outside was external pressure. There was internal pressure in the smaller one.

Theoretically, the “thin air” donut-shaped sliver in between represents the “performance zone.” This space is a Rolls-Royce for managing focus and expectations. For example, it’s not a bad thing to get in there for 90 minutes to beat Brazil in a friendly match. “If you want to be part of a successful team that wins things, you need to be able to play in the thin air,” Gustafsson said.

The highlighted 3-1 victory on Saturday night was a William Shatner-style lesson on how to play in space. And given that the Australian national team is currently piled up, it was even more pleasing as both types of pressure could have invaded the performance zone.

After about two years of absence from Covid, many overseas players have returned for the first time since the pandemic began, but they are unable to properly see their family and friends in the biosecure bubble. The bubble eased the blow of the media fire over Lisa de Vanna claiming a toxic culture at all levels of women’s games. Sport Integrity Australia will soon begin investigating, but the current playgroup, which is currently the subject of certain public claims, has been unfairly subject to speculative criticism and online trolling.

Still, at Parramatta’s Combank Stadium, Matildas Played with extraordinary noise, and thus the wild abandonment of the side controlling their own destiny. It started with the desperation of their manager’s mantra. With the momentum of Stephanie Catley and Ellie Carpenter, they flooded Brazil’s penalty area, and Samantha occasionally stopped by to help build up.

The speed of movement has almost struck an early goal, but due to Leticia’s brave intervention, Tamek Yarop is approaching. Yarop inadvertently stabbed his knee into his face in an attempt to hurdle the goalkeeper. Leticia stood up in time, without moving the ground for 30 seconds, and Kia Simon’s shots flexed and sailed in a narrow area.

Brazil, however, was stubborn in defense and structural integrity. As the initial intensity diminished, they found an opportunity through a strange Matildas error. Alanna Kennedy issued a yellow card, but fortunately Giovanna Clevelari furiously fouled before Giovanna Clevelari clashed with Catley.

Australia was lucky until Catley’s free kick found the car’s head in the far post and the skipper nodded to a poking horn ready for tap-in in a 6-yard box.

After breaking through Mary Fowler, the host doubled the lead. Mary Fowler’s rise on the international stage coincided with a clever finish from Emily Van Egmond’s Cross. Kennedy was responsible for Brazil’s goal just two minutes later, while Brazil was responsible for defending the previous throw-in and failing to track Fowler’s run.

Adriana, who gave Lydia Williams little chance to cover the goal, briefly looked back at the defender. The game started and the entrance to Malta was an interesting last 20 minutes. Meanwhile, Van Egmond sidefooted the match sealer with the help of Carr and then Catley.

Australia has not lost to Brazil since July 2016. The performance in front of 15,270 attendees also ensured that the outcome of this particular match would continue to be defeated, even if it was less certain than in the last few years. Despite being in transition, South Americans are currently higher than their peers in the FIFA rankings. They were undefeated in Tokyo until Canada knocked them out in the quarterfinals on their way to the gold medal, coached by the decorated Pia Sundhage (another Swede who Gustavson worked for Team USA). became. Matildas played in a bronze medal match, but won only once every 90 minutes against New Zealand.

At the turn of the year, Gustafsson took over the team in 7th place. As of August they are 11 days. Under Sweden, they scored 30 goals with 3 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses (latest last month’s friendly defeat to Ireland). Gustavsson prioritizes process over practicalism, at least for now. The trick is not “performance” but “preparation”. If that meant development ahead of the 2023 Home World Cup, and sooner, the Asian Cup in January of this year, he would have suffered a loss. There are only two international windows left between now and then, but Saturday’s air was thin enough that Tuesday’s second friendly could bring more rewards.

Matildas wipes out external pressure and Brazil with statement performance | Matildas

Source link Matildas wipes out external pressure and Brazil with statement performance | Matildas

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