Matildas vs Brazil: Vocal crowds dominate and Network 10 learns by raising gear

Matildas’ return to Australia was a success. They claimed to have defeated Brazil 3-1 On Saturday night.

It was a fun clash from start to finish, produced by Matildas in front of the goal, but remained vulnerable behind it, and was enjoyed by 15,000 spectators per minute.

Elsewhere, Network 10 coverage received great praise, and concussion cases needed to be dealt with more appropriately.

This is what we learned from the match …

Excited Matilda rides their luck as the crowds of the house play their part

Playing home again, Matildas was clearly obsessed with the game and was almost kicked out early with Alanna Kennedy, who didn’t look red after stopping the Brazilian break.

Tony Gustavsson’s decision to play three behind him left Australia vulnerable as Matildas often stepped forward in search of festive goals.

Eventually they would pass Clare Polkinghorne, but Lydia Williams made a big save early in the second half and they were lucky enough to defend.

It was not possible to blame the voiced home crowd, with Matildas spreading his arms and welcoming and loudly cheering for all the invasions, lost at that moment.

It’s no exaggeration to say that their supporters have certainly helped them get back on track as Australia faced the match with three consecutive defeats.

Scream to Brazilian fans who certainly heard themselves through the contest.

After a few months of blockade, nothing is better than watching live football again.

Network 10 shows Matilda they mean business

The new Australian Rules football station has already covered Matildas brilliantly, but to celebrate the team’s return, they really stepped up for the game.

From the sign-up of former Fox Sports presenter Tara Rushton Network 10 provided excellent pre-game coverage, as well as detailed coverage for the team.

Adding Simon Hill to the commentary and making sure there were no annoying ads in the game, Matildas seems to have found the perfect home to further expand his fan base.

The handling of concussion is questioned

Brazilian goalkeeper Letícia Izidoro put his heavy knees on his head only 10 minutes later, but was somehow allowed to play after sitting down for treatment.

From time to time in the first half, I was seen holding my head by accidental contact from Tamek Yarop, which definitely caused some damage.

If this is an NRL, the player is unlikely to continue and the same criteria should apply here.

Matildas vs Brazil: Vocal crowds dominate and Network 10 learns by raising gear

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