Mask the hack to stop the movement of fog and lipstick and remove the loop from your ears

The mask is here to stay in SA for a while. For everyone wearing glasses, could this mean a fairly opaque outlook under these new mask rules?

Masks are still a requirement for high school students and teachers, healthcare professionals, beauty services, indoor public spaces, and people working on public transport.

Very up-to-date SA limits

All exposed sites in SA

In addition, Professor Nicola Sparia, the state’s best health boss, said: “Basic rule of thumb for everyone in South Australia: If you can wear a mask, wear it.”

But wearing a mask and glasses creates a world of fog, and you … well, are you pretty blind and defeat the purpose of wearing glasses in the first place?

The struggle is real.

media_cameracorrect. This meme has a round on Facebook.

And do our real-life superheroes, nurses, doctors, and supermarket workers find it painful after spending a whole day with those loops around their ears? Or do all the makeup problems get dirty and move on to the mask?

We will look at some of the best solutions to your mask worries.

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Stop the fog:

Wearing a pair of eyeglasses / mask has the effect of blurring the wearer, but without eyeglasses, the wearer … blurs. what to do? Here are some simple hacks to make it clear again.

Hack 1: Tape the mask to the bridge of the nose with double-sided tape to prevent breath from leaking from the top of the mask. A secondary tip is that if you make small gaps on either side of the mask at the end of your smile, the air will go that way, not until the glasses become cloudy.

Hack 2: Clean the glass with soap and water and let it air dry.

Hack 3: Wipe both sides of the lens with a drop or two of dishwashing solution and a clean cloth (or shaving cream if there is no dishwashing solution). It not only cleans your glasses (OMG! How did they make it dirty ?!), but also leaves a transparent layer that (hopefully) protects your lenses from temperature changes that cause fog. increase.

Hack 4: Place your glasses in front of your nose and sit on the mask to secure it to your face.

How to stop lipstick stains:

Hack 1: Use a durable matte make-up. This also applies to foundations and lipsticks. Matte makeup is less likely to get dirty or transfer to the mask. Yes, you may miss that tear-soaked glow, but at least when you remove your mask you don’t have a large stain of lipstick on your entire face.

Hack 2: It comes from make-up artist Ray Kurzweil, whose most famous client is former First Lady Michelle Obama. Place one-ply tissue on your mouth and apply a very small amount of translucent powder to your lips with a large brush. Similar to using powder in foundation routines, lip powder helps keep makeup in place. Your lipstick won’t get dirty, and it won’t even spread throughout your mask. Thank you Carl!

Hack 3: Purchase a mask bracket to keep the mask away from your mouth and nose. They are super cheap. Just search for “face bracket” online. To get a little more DIY, cut off the end of a 1.25L plastic soft drink bottle, cut a lot of air holes in it, and then burn the cut (which hits your face) with a lighter to soften it. Obviously, wait until it cools and hardens and air comes out before you wear it.

Face mask hygiene hack

Lab Muffin Beauty Science describes how to use face masks hygienically during COVID-19.

Is the face mask too big?

Hack 1: The simplest solution is to cross the straps in a cross before wrapping them around your ears.

Hack 2: This is … watch the video

TikTok video reveals hacks for when your face mask is too big

Easily adjust the elastic sides and you’re ready to go. Why didn’t we know this yet?

Or check out the tips in the sections below. You can use these tips to shorten the loop and remove it from your ear.

How to remove the mask loop from your ear:

Many healthcare professionals who have to wear a mask all day have noticed that the straps sitting around your ears can be very painful. So how do you remove them from your ears? Let’s count the ways …

Hack 1: Use what’s on the back of your head instead of your ears to loop the straps. This is the best we’ve found after hours of going down the rabbit hole, a YouTube video on the net.

  • Old puzzle pieces. Yes, it is!
  • Ponytail or dumpling
  • Hoop earrings
  • Small carabiner clip
  • Bulldog clip
  • Suction holder (just remove the shade, like holding a mesh shade in a car window to block the sun, or in the shower at the end of the loofah).

Hack 2: Sew the two buttons on the fabric headband just behind the ears and hang the straps around the buttons. Comfortable all day long!

Are there any clever hacks we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Originally released Clever Hack: How to Fight Fog and Solve Mask Problems

Mask the hack to stop the movement of fog and lipstick and remove the loop from your ears

Source link Mask the hack to stop the movement of fog and lipstick and remove the loop from your ears

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