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A proposed expansion of the Martins Creek Quarry was submitted with community feedback, but the Action Group believes the proposal is still too large. Daracon applied for a quarry expansion in 2014, but residents say it could have a negative impact on rural areas through increased noise, air pollution, and traffic problems from truck movements and blasts. After the first application for expansion was submitted, Daracon was found by the Land and Environment Court to operate the site illegally, and the operation of the quarry was significantly reduced. The original expansion plan to transport up to 1.5 million tonnes of material annually for 30 years was also reduced after feedback from government agencies and the community. Herald reported in March that residents were informed of an amendment to extract 1.1 million tonnes of material each year for 25 years. area. The newly submitted plan also includes the construction of a new road that bypasses Martin’s Creek village and the improvement of roads along major transportation routes. Maximum daily trucking is limited to 50 days a year, road transport is reduced from 3 pm to 6 pm on weekdays and zero on Saturdays. More material will be transported by rail and the quarry will operate Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm, relaxing the speed limit of Patterson’s quarry trucks. According to Daracon, the proposed road transport volume is less than the volume RailCorp shipped from the field between 2003/04 and 2010/11. The traffic impact assessment also stated that the proposed traffic had a “minimal impact” on major intersections along the route and was not expected to adversely affect the safety of the road network. However, Martins Creek Action Group spokesman James Ashton said the proposal was still “a large-scale project surrounded by residents.” “They added some token concessions. But it doesn’t really change the importance of the impact, “he said. He emphasized that the proposed new road will be built “by the end of the fourth year” and that there is no bypass proposed to Patterson. According to Ashton, the group visited several quarries in Southern Highlands to either transport 100% of the material by rail or build roads that completely bypass residential areas. “Which is more expensive, but we do it to coexist,” he said. “We understand the importance of construction materials for upgrading runways and highways, but providing critical infrastructure to improve the impact as seen in the Southern Highlands. They haven’t done so. “” The official position of the Commission is that if Daracon decides that the operation needs to be scaled up, mitigation measures need to be implemented. “The plan is this month. Will be open to the public. In News: Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the region to the community. This is the way to continue to access trusted content.


Martin’s Creek Quarry Expansion Plan Revised, Submitted by Daracon | Newcastle Herald

Source link Martin’s Creek Quarry Expansion Plan Revised, Submitted by Daracon | Newcastle Herald

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