Mark Zuckerberg needs to change more than Facebook name

Mark Zuckerberg wants to rename Facebook to give it a fresh identity to the financial powerhouse and social media greenhouse. Zuckerberg’s corporate baby easily overcame the previous crisis, boasting an enviable global footprint and continues to make huge profits, but critics turned it into a pinata for a myriad of good reasons. .. Zuckerberg seems to think that cosmetics are the best response to all of this.

Of course, many architects of the modern digital universe, Zuckerberg, may also have an interesting idea of ​​corporate overhaul due to an earthquake. The Verge It was first reported that the name change was in progress It aims to reflect Facebook’s “focus on building the Metaverse.” What exactly is this metaverse?

Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t been able to address Facebook’s problem of his ability to unilaterally fix

According to science fiction novelist Neil Stephenson, who introduced the term in a 1992 novel, Snow crash, Metaverse is a three-dimensional world where real person avatars live a virtual life.Stevenson said it when he wrote Snow crash He was just “making shit.” Then the Internet Revolution broke out and his book gained cult status among the Silicon Valley giants.As an enthusiastic fan of dystopian masterpieces like matrix When Blade Runner Series, I am fascinated. And pioneers like Zuckerberg actually have the resources to build an artificial alternative world, with the exception of dystopia. Well, they spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Zuckerberg may be spending too much time thinking about it. Or he deliberately thinks about it at the expense of others of greater imminent importance. So while the Metaverse is fine as a side hustle, Facebook is doing a lot of damage in the real world where real people live.

Facebook and related platforms are where COVID-19 conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers do some of their most productive work. Anti-democratic rebels and right-wing thugs choreograph the next move. here, The Wall Street Journal Young girls report eating disorders, and other users post a series of abusive material “including incitement to harassment and violence.” As whistleblower Franceshausen told Congress, the conflict between interests and security is consistently resolved in favor of interests.


Zuckerberg journalThe report and Haugen’s testimony raised another round of detailed questions and concerns about Facebook practices. He provided an inadequate and reckless spin on the activities of the social media giant, leaving behind agents such as Facebook’s communication chief and credible strategic advisor Nick Clegg.

When Zuckerberg occasionally emerged, he observed fencing, science, artificial reality hardware that could power the Metaverse, or surfed on a hydrofoil with the American flag. I posted a video.When he finally set about working on Hogen’s revelation in a long post on his Facebook feed, he called Dr. Spock. Star Trek: “The argument of deliberately pushing content that offends people is very illogical.”

Zuckerberg is currently designing a company name change. However, changing the brand of a controversial company is not a surefire cure for an illness that unleashes its business or destroys its reputation. And while companies often adopt new names for controversy, not because of some radical strategic upheavals that require a makeover.

Mark Zuckerberg needs to change more than Facebook name

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