Mark Corda resigns as president of Collinwood Magpie next year

At that meeting, Collingwood will eventually try to introduce term limits for board members and presidents.

Term limits are the only recommendation for a 2018 search club-wide review, not immediately adopted by the board, and led by club president Eddie McGuire for over 20 years.

“My role as president was to watch Collinwood calm down, move and relocate inside and outside the field following the resignation of longtime President Eddie McGuire in February,” said Corda. Said in a letter to.

“At that time, relatively new boards were installed, so it was important to provide continuity between one era and the next.”

He said the club was financially sound and recorded a modest operating profit this year, despite the impact on revenue from COVID.

He said they had settled down after parting with Nathan Buckley and looking for and appointing a new coach.

“Now, by declaring my intentions, our talented and passionate board of directors has developed a succession plan, Collingwood is stable, respected, financially sound, and We have time to focus on men’s and women’s football, netball as a whole, members, staff, and teams, and powerchair football, “said Corda.

“Our intention to introduce long-term reforms of the board of office is also implemented after consultation with members. In accordance with governance best practices, the term of office of directors is limited to three terms, or nine years. We plan to limit the maximum term of office of the president to two terms, or six years.

“This modernization of our Constitution introduces practices that are practiced throughout the business and numerous AFL clubs. It keeps the board fresh and is continually replenished with new ideas and energy.”

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Mark Corda resigns as president of Collinwood Magpie next year

Source link Mark Corda resigns as president of Collinwood Magpie next year

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