Man who violently slit elderly mother’s throat, stabbed son blames ‘paint fumes’

A violent family argument ensued when buying a printer, and the man who slit the throat of an elderly woman attempted to claim he was affected by “paint fumes” during the attack.

Adam Curtis Brown was at a loss to explain his actions three and a half years ago when he left a badly injured man and his 82-year-old mother on Queensland’s Fraser Coast. .

The court was quoted as saying it thought the man was going to die after being severely stabbed.

“They were completely innocent,” Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Davis told Brown on Friday.

Brown, 43, was intoxicated with “drugs and alcohol” on April 27, 2018, when he viciously injured two people with a utility knife at his home in Wondanna, north of Brisbane.

camera iconPolice at the scene of Adam Curtis Brown attacking a man and his elderly mother in Wondanna, 2018. credit: News Corp Australia

A Port Macquarie man had driven more than 500 miles (800 km) through Yamba to the Hervey Bay suburb to purchase a printer the victim had sold.

Upon arriving home, Brown met the woman’s son, but was “upset.”

He then used a knife to stab the man in the neck, prosecutor Chris Cook said.

As he tried to escape, Brown turned to the man’s elderly mother and cut her hand as he was tackled to the ground.

“[The woman]kept begging me to stop. He lifted a knife and decapitated her,” Cook said.

The Brisbane Supreme Court said that Brown was intoxicated with
camera iconThe Brisbane Supreme Court said that Brown was intoxicated with “pills and alcohol” at the time of the incident and that he was “at a loss” to explain his actions. credit: News Corp Australia

Cook said Brown threw a star picket at the victim as he tried to leave, bruising his stomach.

The court was told it could not explain the bizarre extent of Brown’s behavior when he was arrested.

He initially claimed that he may have been affected by “paint fumes” during the attack, but forensic officers determined that this could not have affected Brown.

“There was sustained and senseless violence,” Cook said.

“Victims had no suspicion and were not given a chance to defend themselves.”

Brown was initially charged with attempted murder, but earlier this year he was charged with two counts of intentional malice and one count each of injury and assault that caused actual bodily harm while armed. pleaded guilty to

James Godbolt, Brown’s attorney, said his client’s behavior was “strange” and “out of character.”

Godbolt said Brown had no intention of harming the victim when he was present at the victim’s property.

“The evidence … supports the proposition that the intention was only achieved because of Brown’s altered state due to drug intake,” he said.

Judge Davis ultimately sentenced him to nine years in prison, along with a sentence of serious violent offenders.

Since April 2018, his time spent in pre-sentence detention has been declared served. Man who violently slit elderly mother’s throat, stabbed son blames ‘paint fumes’

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