Maldives: Islamic extremists behind the attack

According to top Maldivian officials, Islamic extremists caused an explosion that seriously injured former President Mohamed Nasheed earlier this week.

Hospital officials said on Saturday that 53-year-old Nasheed was conscious and no longer needed respiratory assistance, but remained in the intensive care unit after the first life-saving surgery on the head, chest, abdomen, and limbs. It was.

They told reporters that the blast debris damaged his intestines and liver, and the debris broke his ribs, a centimeter away from his heart.

Prosecutor Saddam Hussein told reporters that investigators still do not know the radical group behind Thursday’s attack, injuring two apparent bystanders, including two Nasheed bodyguards and British citizens. It was.

Police announced on Saturday that two men had been arrested in connection with the attack.

They have published photos of the person who claimed to be the main suspect in the fugitive and are seeking public assistance to identify him. No group claims responsibility.

The current Speaker of Parliament, Nasheed, was a candid critic of religious extremism, primarily in Sunni Islamic countries, where preaching and practice of other beliefs is prohibited by law.

He has also been criticized by religious hardliners for his proximity to the West and his liberal policies.

Australian Federal Police officials arrived in the Maldives on Saturday to assist in the investigation at the request of the national government.

British investigators will arrive in the Indian Ocean archipelago on Sunday.

Police presented reporters with footage from a blast security camera. Nasheed and his bodyguards can be seen walking down a narrow walkway leading from their home to the main road. An explosion occurs when Nasheed approaches the car.

Authorities say a homemade explosive device, including ball bearings, was attached to a motorcycle parked near his car and probably exploded with a remote control.

Nasheed was the first democratically elected President of the Maldives and resigned in protests between 2008 and 2012.

He was defeated in the next presidential election and was ineligible for the 2018 election due to imprisonment, but he remains an influential politician.

He supports global efforts to combat climate change and warns that rising sea levels, especially caused by global warming, threaten the lowland islands of the archipelago country.

The Maldives is known for its luxury resorts, but it is occasionally under heavy attack. In 2007, an explosion broke out in a park in the capital, injuring 12 foreign tourists and blaming religious extremists.

The Maldives is one of the highest per capita numbers of militants who fought in Syria and Iraq alongside Islamic State groups.

Officials announced in January that eight people arrested in November were planning to attack the school and were bombing boats at sea. Police said the suspect had conducted military training on an uninhabited island and recruited children.

Maldives: Islamic extremists behind the attack

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