Malaysian flood kills at least 8 people

At least eight people were killed in the floods that struck Malaysia as the government faced criticism from the public and opposition lawmakers for its relief efforts, officials said.

Floods occur on the east coast of Malaysia each year during the monsoon season from October to March, but the unusually heavy rainfall that began on Friday put a strain on emergency services nationwide.

Malaysia has mobilized troops and other security agencies across seven states, with the worst floods in Malaysia’s wealthiest and most populous region, Selangor.

Selangor police reported that eight people were killed in the floods on Monday, according to state news agency Bernama.

They include four people from Taman Slimda, who are in the vicinity of the Shah Alam district. It is believed that many people are still trapped in their homes and apartments, as rescue operations have been hampered by a shortage of boats and personnel.

The state’s prime minister said on Twitter that as of Monday, more than 32,000 refugees from Selangor had been transferred to temporary shelters.

However, it is unclear how many people need to be rescued due to the disruption of communication lines in many parts of the state.

Opposition lawmakers on Monday blamed authorities for delays in responding.

“Tonight is the third night, but people are still yelling for a boat,” Democratic Action Party lawmaker Hannah Yo told parliamentary reporters.

“We want to start helping (the government) right away so that we can no longer find the bodies.”

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in a statement on Monday that he had ordered all agencies to carry out “more aggressive” operations to help those affected by Taman Sri Muda.

Sazuatsu Remley, 43, and her family, who live in Taman Sri Muda, were helped by a friend on Monday after being locked up in the house for more than two days.

“Government aid has never come for us. We only got help from the parents of the children we were caring for,” she told Reuters.

“I really hope that the authorities can act faster and pay more attention to the people here.”

Malaysian flood kills at least 8 people

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