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Macron warns Johnson that “nothing can be negotiated” about the Northern Ireland Protocol | Brexit

The French president increased pressure on Boris Johnson on the Northern Ireland Protocol last night by claiming “nothing can be negotiated” as the G7 summit of world leaders was at stake. The bitter standoffs fade the shadows More than Brexit.

In a rebellious intervention when he was preparing to travel to England, Emmanuel Macron It even seemed to warn Boris Johnson that France was not prepared to renegotiate any aspect of the Protocol and even questioned whether Britain was credible.

When asked about Britain’s request to rewrite part of the Protocol, Macron told journalists at an Elysee press conference: work. “

“We have a protocol,” he continued. “Six months later, if you say you can’t respect what was negotiated, that means you can’t respect anything. I believe in the importance of the treaty and I believe in taking a serious approach. Nothing can be negotiated. Everything is applicable. “

His harsh words are that Johnson is a U.S. diplomat and Britain is Brexit Sir Frost, negotiator on the risk of heightened tensions in Northern Ireland.

Discuss deadlock resolution Protocol implementation collapsed without agreement Earlier this week, Frost accused the EU of “legal purism” in interpreting the agreement. He will attend the summit on Friday.

With Downing Street The White House reaffirmed their commitment He agreed with the Good Friday Agreement after the meeting and emphasized the need to jointly resolve standoffs between the UK and the EU.

However, Johnson’s official spokesperson later revealed that it did not mean that Britain was retreating from the threat of unilateral action, such as invoking Article 16 of the agreement to suspend the Protocol. did. “We keep all the options on the table because the time is short,” said the spokesman.

EU analyst Mujtaba Rahman, an Eurasia Group consultancy, said he currently has a 30% chance of risk. EU-UK trade warHe said the EU could retaliate by restricting Britain’s fish exports and interrupting Britain’s electricity supply to Jersey and the UK mainland. He said G7 intervention seemed necessary to resolve the situation. “The relationship is on a cliff, so all eyes are on Cornwall.”

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister declined Macron’s comment, saying, “We are absolutely acting in accordance with what was agreed and what was stipulated.” He said the protocol was agreed in a “difficult situation” and claimed that the UK had already made more than 10 proposals to resolve the standoffs and “has not yet responded.”

“In our view, the EU continues to prioritize the protection of the single market, albeit with little risk.”

The prime minister claimed that the talks with Biden were “very good,” but unusually, the two did not hold a joint press conference and instead made separate statements on the camera.

“Under President Biden, everything from security, cooperation, protecting our values ​​around the world together to climate change, is what the new US administration wants to do with the UK. No doubt, “said the Prime Minister. “So it’s a big breath of fresh air. It’s new and interesting, and we’re working very hard together.

“One of the things we all absolutely want to do is to support the Good Friday Agreement and maintain a balance in the peace process. That is an absolutely common ground and I am absolutely optimistic that it can be done. is.”

Biden was equally enthusiastic about what he called a “very productive conference,” and in his post-speech comments he mentioned a “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom. Johnson is reportedly not a fan..

Biden said: “We have renewed our commitment to identify special relationships between our people and to uphold the lasting democratic values ​​shared by the two countries.”

The pair exchanged gifts, Biden gave Johnson a US-made bicycle, and the Prime Minister gave him a picture of abolitionist Frederick Douglass from a mural in Edinburgh.

Previously, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, will meet Johnson in Cornwall with the Commission Chair. Ursula von der Leyen“It is of utmost importance to carry out what we have decided” to Northern Ireland.

Johnson and Biden were all smiling when they greeted each other on the camera before the discussion. Due to bad weather, the location had to be moved from St. Michael’s Mount, just off the Cornish coast, to the conference hotel.

When Biden said both pairs were “married on our station,” Johnson replied: “I’m not going to oppose the president about it or anything else.” He said. He added that seeing Biden was “great.”

Brexit has not been officially taken up on the formal agenda, but Johnson recently told The Atlantic magazine that he “dried lemons,” while the United States has frosted a post-Brexit border check in Northern Ireland. I am concerned about tactics.

Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confided Washington’s message on his way to London on Thursday, telling journalists:

Labor Party Louise Haigh, the shadow secretary of Northern Ireland, said: The Prime Minister has personally negotiated the Protocol and is responsible for making it work and protecting the valuable Good Friday Agreement. “

Other G7 The leader will arrive tomorrow and Johnson will hold bilateral meetings with Japanese, Canadian and Italian counterparts.

Leaders will hold their first formal summit session in the afternoon to cover their recovery from the Covid Pandemic before meeting the Queen for a reception at the Eden Project.

Macron warns Johnson that “nothing can be negotiated” about the Northern Ireland Protocol | Brexit

Source link Macron warns Johnson that “nothing can be negotiated” about the Northern Ireland Protocol | Brexit

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