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Former Tigers player Joel Kane believes the Tigers can’t move forward until Luke Brooks moves forward while Andrews abandons the concept of a club leader who determines Michael Magwire’s fate.

Talk in SEN radio Caine believes it’s time for the Tigers to break up with Brooks without a 172 match and nine-season club final.

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“That is, your halfback is your playmaker, the eight seasons are the marriage of Luke Brooks and the Tigers, and they have never played in the finals,” Kane said. SEN1170 drive with Joel and Fletch..

“So for me it’s just a divorce, that divorce has to happen. Then is it me or you? Will the Wests Tigers prosper, or is” Brooksie “(Luke Brooks) somewhere? Would you like to go and definitely open it up?

“But in any case, after Luke Brooks and the Wests Tigers have spent this long time together, it just has to say goodbye.”

Voss, on the other hand, was very critical of the club’s highly criticized end-of-season review of the decision to consult senior players about Michael Magwire’s future.

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“You should bow your head shyly” | 03:18

Voss site article Sydney Morning Herald When The Daily Telegraph As evidence that the club administrator conducting the review may need to look in the mirror.

“This morning Herald has a great work by Andrew Webster based on the plight of two joint venture clubs, the West Tigers and the St. George Irawara Dragons,” said the boss. SEN radio.

“Andrew lists those similarities, and it doesn’t compare positives.

“This work is under the heading – Tigers and Dragons need to stop treating fans like fools..

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Michael Magwire is feeling the heat.Source: Getty Images

“He writes that clubs like these two clubs do a thorough review when there are no answers. It’s a corporate smoke screen.

“When he’s done, Andrew probably suggests it’s time for the people who run the Dragon and Tigers to review themselves. I’m sure many fans will agree.”

Voss was particularly critical of the idea that players with zero final experience are in a position to advise the club on what it takes to overcome the final drought.

“Currently, in the telegram, the focus is on the Tigers. We’re talking about the Tigers playgroup, which probably has the most say,” Voss said.

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Bulldogs finally show great awesomeness! | 03:34

“Leaders and senior players will be consulted about the future of Michael Magwire.

It’s a topic we covered in the show with Matty Johns and Cameron Smith yesterday, and Matty is so strong on this subject that I would stagger if that were the case. The Tigers have no leader in their playgroup. Indeed, I have no experience of success elsewhere.

James Tamou is the only leader to have experienced the finals at the Tigers.Source: Getty Images

“James Tamou, who the club signed as side captain this year, think fairly. Only he can talk about how other clubs will succeed.

“I think every conversation with James supports Michael Magwire.

“I don’t apologize for making this observation, but how can senior players like Luke Brooks and David Nofoalma provide insight into the elements of a successful club?

Wests Tigers Press Conference | 03:25

“They are great players, but the two players in the club have never played more games than this pair.

“They talked only to this club, but Michael Magwire’s thoughts on what it takes to succeed are more important than Brooks and Nofoalma’s. Again, I’m sorry to say that.

“Adam Doueihi is very impressive both as a player and as an individual, but he hasn’t played 100 games in the NRL yet.

“Their spine, full back, Daine Laurie, great season, but he’s still basically a newcomer.

“Their prostitute, Jacob Liddle, has established himself for fairness, and the club’s other number nines, Jake Simpkin, have played only nine first grade games. not.

David Noforma has never played in the finals.Source: Getty Images

“Moses Mibby was a senior player. He played Origin, but he’s leaving.

“Go to over 100 game players, Joe Ofaengaue, James Roberts and Kenmaumaro.

“I don’t know where they got them from a 2022 roster management perspective, but the Tigers need a player who can lead.

“You can also get Michael Magwire, Cameron Chirardo, Craig Bellamy and Wayne Bennett.

“The ship may have a captain because there is no leader in the field or club. That is the coach, but there is no rudder when sailing.”

Luke Brooks, Wests Tigers, Michael Maguire, Internal Review, Roster, Team, Future

Source link Luke Brooks, Wests Tigers, Michael Maguire, Internal Review, Roster, Team, Future

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