Lotto: Powerball soars to $ 60 million

They say the third time is attractive.

And when Powerball hit the $ 60 million jackpot for the third time this year, your fingers crossed the circle of words that apply to you.

No one in Australia matches the winning number tonight, but over 225,000 WA winners shared $ 3,861,620 during Powerball’s three-week jackpot run.

“We know that WA loves lottery and supports big draws, which supports the Western Australian community through the Lottery West Grant Program,” said Hermione Coleman, a spokesman for Lottery West. rice field.

“In the last three weeks, Powerball has raised nearly $ 6 million, which is a huge win for the Western Australian community.”

Ms. Coleman said the next chance for the West Australians to win big is just a few days with a $ 20 million super draw on Saturday.

This happens exactly after the Byford man who dreamed of winning the lottery did it.

A man in his thirties brought back a million-dollar division award for Lotto on Monday.

He has been buying lottery tickets on Monday since he dreamed just a few weeks ago.

“I’ve only been playing lottery on and off for a year,” he said.

“I can’t win anything on Monday, but I had a dream. I’ve been buying lottery on Monday since that dream.”

Lotto: Powerball soars to $ 60 million

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