Lottery winner tradie’s reaction captured on camera in Viral TikTok video

After discovering that he won the lottery, Trady’s Kevin becomes viral in his reaction.

The moment an ecstatic Trady called Kevin discovered that he was a millionaire, he was captured by a camera by his similarly excited companion.

It was shared on TikTok and has been viewed 2.7 million times a day since the clip was first uploaded on Wednesday.

A man wearing highly visible clothes and still appearing to be at work could see the lottery lottery holding the lottery.

He spoke with an Irish accent, shook hands and held the phone.

The voice on the other side of the phone read the number and matched it with Kevin’s ticket.

“Nice, Kevin, are you ready?” Said the operator.

“No, I don’t think so,” Kevin said with a laugh from his friends.

The operator laughed and said, “I can confirm that I’ve earned a million dollars.”

All the cameras shake, cheers and screams erupt from everyone in the room.

“What a hell,” says Kevin.

Social media users were also excited.

“Congratulations. It’s really nice to see a normal hard-working person scooping up a lottery,” one person liked the comment.

“Women on the phone do the best job in the world,” another added.

The third person also commented. “It’s healthy for your co-workers to have your back. There’s no sign of jealousy. Have fun.”

It’s unclear where Kevin came from, but it could be Ireland or Northern Ireland based on his accent.

However, it’s unclear how genuine the video is, as the TikTok account states in its career that “most of the world is fake, so to keep Ot genuine.”

Kevin isn’t the only one to earn life-changing amounts.

last month, reports on Sydney merchants Who won the lottery, which was significantly higher than Kevin’s $ 1 million fortune.

The Australian took away a $ 30 million rich man.

But he warned that there are drawbacks to becoming a millionaire instantly.

“My motto is that winning the lottery won’t make you happy, it just makes life easier,” he said.

“If you are not happy and want to win the lottery [to change that] You will be terribly misunderstood. “

He had many “strange” experiences when he talked to friends and family about storms.

According to former Trady, “people came out of woodwork.”

“Many people find it through vines-they never really ask you. Perhaps 15 years ago, there was someone I hadn’t seen since I was in school.”

One very intimate friendship was sour because “they didn’t do it well” when he told them they were now millionaires.

Initially published as follows Moment tradie discovers that he won the lottery captured by the camera

Lottery winner tradie’s reaction captured on camera in Viral TikTok video

Source link Lottery winner tradie’s reaction captured on camera in Viral TikTok video

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