Lizzo removes “harmful” words from the new single GRRRLS

Lizzo has removed “harmful words” from the new single GRRRLS.

The 34-year-old star responded to the backlash after accusing fans of using the disability discrimination slur (latest track “spaz”) ​​in his next album, “Special,” which will be released on July 15. rice field.

She released a new version of the song following her first release on Friday, but claimed she wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

“I noticed that my new song GRRRLS had harmful words,” she said in a statement.

“I want to make it clear that I don’t want to promote derogatory words.

“As a fat black woman in America, I’ve used so many harmful words to me that I understand the power that words can have (intentional or intent in my case). Without).

“I’m proud to have a new version of GRRRLS with modified lyrics. This is the result of my listening and action.

“As an influential artist, I am dedicated to being part of the long-awaited change in the world.”

One of the critics of the original lyrics-“Have my bag, b ****, bring my bag / Do you see this s ***? I as ** It’s z. “-It was Hannah Diviny, a writer and advocate for the disabled.

“Hey @lizzo My disability cerebral palsy is literally classified as spastic diplegia (spasticity refers to endless painful tension in my feet). Your new song makes me pretty angry and sad. “I will.” She wrote.

“” S ** z “does not mean to be surprised or crazy. It is a slur of discrimination against persons with disabilities. It’s 2022. Do it better. “

Following Rizzo’s statement and lyrics changes, Divini said, “I’m about to cry.”

“Thank you for listening to us Lizzo, and understanding that this has only meant being calm and open to learning, it honestly means the world.

“You are a real ally.”

Lizzo removes “harmful” words from the new single GRRRLS

Source link Lizzo removes “harmful” words from the new single GRRRLS

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