Liverpool Hospital Childbirth Unit Doctor Recommends Vaccines to Pregnant Women

Top obstetricians in southwestern Sydney urged pregnant women and their families to vaccinate with Covid-19 or risk serious complications and mental distress at birth.

Dr. Gau Bhagwanani, director of the birthing unit at Liverpool Hospital, said he personally saw the severe effects of mothers infected with Covid-19.

NSW recorded 1259 new local incidents on Wednesday.

“I am an obstetrician and have taken care of pregnant women throughout this pandemic, including women who are very ill with COVID-19 infection,” said Dr. Bagwanani.

“(I) recommend that all women who are planning to become pregnant, are currently pregnant, and breastfeeding should be vaccinated with the Covid vaccine.”

Dr. Bagwanani said it was traumatic to leave the newborn baby and family after birth because the mother was infected with the virus.

Camera iconDr. Gau Bhagwanani is the director of the birthing unit at Liverpool Hospital. credit: NCA NewsWire

“Other members of your family, including support personnel who come with you during childbirth, need to be vaccinated to protect you and your baby,” she said.

“It’s painful to see a woman and her family parting because of Covid. It’s painful to give birth to a baby prematurely because the mother is so sick.

“It was painful to separate the baby from the mother and father, because they had to go to the nursery and their parents were ill and couldn’t visit them.

“I’m a new mom. Most of us spend a lot of time to make sure our baby is eating the right food, exercising and doing everything he can to get the best start in life. Vaccination with COVID-19 is the best thing you can do to protect your baby in this climate. “

Dr. Bagwanani said it was the virus, not the vaccine, that posed the greatest risk.

“It’s not the vaccine that poses the greatest risk to women and their babies. It’s the COVID-19 infection itself,” she said.

“Infection with COVID-19 during pregnancy doubles the risk of needing to enter the ICU, increases the risk of requiring invasive ventilation, and increases the risk of preterm birth. The risk is also doubled. “

Outbreak of Liverpool Hospital
Camera iconLiverpool Hospital is one of the Covid Referral Centers in southwest Sydney. NCA NewsWire / Jeremy Piper credit: News Corp Australia

The manager of the childbirth unit also provided peace of mind to pregnant women who were worried about the vaccine.

“Currently, the two vaccines recommended for pregnant women are from Pfizer, which is already available, and from Moderna, which will be available soon,” she said.

“Apart from pregnancy, all vaccines are safe and include AstraZeneca. You can use this if you are planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding. The concept of vaccination for pregnant women is It’s not new. “

In New South Wales, 80% of the eligible population is currently vaccinated at least once, which was announced Wednesday.

Liverpool Hospital Childbirth Unit Doctor Recommends Vaccines to Pregnant Women

Source link Liverpool Hospital Childbirth Unit Doctor Recommends Vaccines to Pregnant Women

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