Live circuit warning indicator saves lives

REMLIVE Electrical Safety Positive Isolation or Liveline Indicator (RL24IC) has kept workplaces in New Zealand and Australia safe for over a decade. This indicator visually reminds you that the circuit is up and running. This reduces the risk of accidents, protects assets, speeds up the failure detection process, and ultimately saves lives.

The main function of the REMLIVE positive isolation or liveline indicator is to visually confirm the correct isolation. REMLIVE products are typically connected between the originator of the isolation point and the load so that the user performing the isolation check can see a positive change in the state after isolation. This is important because even after insulation has been made, dangerous voltage levels are present in the circuit and can be dangerous to operators exposed to the installation. REMLIVE products help by visually indicating if a dangerous voltage level is still present when the isolator is switched.

It is important to note that other quarantine and test procedures will continue to apply before interfacing with the switchboard or control panel.

The REMLIVE positive isolation / liveline indicator comes with three main components: a DIN rail mount main panel unit, a door display mount unit, and an RJ45 cable for connecting the main panel unit to the door display. The main panel unit is easily mounted on a DIN rail (usually inside a switchboard or control panel assembly) and is usually connected to the load side of an isolated switch. The panel unit is directly connected to the door mount display unit via an RJ45 cable, and the main panel and door display unit are electrically isolated from each other.

The door display unit is designed to fit in front of the control panel or switchboard, allowing the user to clearly see the live voltage / insulation status through the LEDs. The brightly flashing LEDs on the display unit are designed to attract the user’s attention and should not come into direct contact with the equipment in the panel until dangerous voltage levels are still present and complete insulation is established. Indicates.

All three phases (L1, L2, L3) and neutral are individually represented by LEDs on the display. These help detect failures and allow operators to quickly see if the three phases and neutrals are up and running. The low voltage (3.8 V DC) to the door display unit also ensures maximum safety for the operator in contact with the display.

The functions of the REMLIVE live line indicator are as follows:

  • Provides a visual confirmation of the correct separation
  • It can monitor a wide range of voltages from 24 to 1000 V AC and 26 to 1000 VDC.
    • 1000 V ACCat III and 690 V AC Cat IV configurations
    • 1000 V DCCat III and 600 V DCCat IV configurations
  • Easy to install on new or existing control panels.
    • 30.5mm door mount unit
    • DIN rail mount display unit with a width of 22.5 mm
  • IEC 60204 compliance — machine safety
  • Super bright flashing LED to get the user’s attention
  • Consistent flash rate per second
  • Dual redundant internal surge protection
  • maintenance-free
  • Fully IP66 certified to ensure that the switchboard maintains an overall intrusion protection rating
  • Housed in a rugged V0 rated enclosure selected for durability, protection, insulation, and zero halogen properties.

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Live circuit warning indicator saves lives

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