Little Proud asks NT’s COVID-19 plan

North Australia Minister David Littleproud has expressed dissatisfaction with the new top-end COVID-19 management plan.

Prime Minister Michael Gunner revealed on Wednesday many changes that will be introduced as part of the territory’s reopening plan after the territory has been fully vaccinated.

These included revised border rules requiring travelers from states and territories affected by COVID-19 to be quarantined.

Little Proud wondered why the Gunner government imposes further restrictions when “medicine” proves that vaccination is unnecessary.

“Why impose restrictions on Australia, a free country … we must use common sense and understand that at some point we have to confront this,” he said on Thursday. Told to. ..

“It will hit us all. It’s naive to come and think otherwise.”

Little Proud also blasted the Northern Territory government’s control of the medical budget after Gunner revealed that the Northern Territory’s healthcare system would struggle to deal with COVID-19 in the territory.

“We provide all state and territory governments with federal funding to manage health care systems, police, and teachers. It’s up to them how to do that,” he says. I did.

“But if you don’t have a COVID yet and your healthcare system is collapsing … you have to ask about the (NT) management of Australian taxpayers’ money.”

The criticism comes after Gunner cancels a scheduled meeting with Little Proud on Thursday afternoon.

Little Proud asks NT’s COVID-19 plan

Source link Little Proud asks NT’s COVID-19 plan

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